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GONSIN Escorted National Water Conservancy and Hydropower Construction


As an outstanding enterprise in the field of infrastructure construction in China, China Construction Sixth Engineering Bureau Hydropower Construction Co., LTD under CSCEC(China State Construction Engineering Corporation)has successively undertaken more than 100 important projects in provinces and cities, such as the middle route of South-to-North Water Transfer, supporting projects in Tianjin and Haihe River embankment reconstruction projects, covering more than 10 provinces, autonomous regions and municipalities directly under the central government.

In daily work meetings, a large number of technical drawings, texts, and video materials are needed. In the discussion process, sharing documents is needed in real time and making the modifications is needed to recorded and saved. Therefore, GONSIN Paperless Conference System was applied to realize the above function requirements, which can effectively improve the efficiency of meetings. And at the same time it is more in line with the requirements of low-carbon, environmentally friendly green development.

After the system is put into use in China Construction Sixth Engineering Bureau Hydropower Construction Co .,LTD, the user don’t  need to carry paper documents before the meeting, and they can upload and download the documents through the device; during the meeting, it is convenient to annotate documents, read the files, make a vote, initiate discussion, screen sharing and make meeting minutes; after the meeting, the record can be save. Through the conference authority management function, the download of conference materials is controlled, ensuring the security of information.

What’s more, the upgraded design of the desktop paperless system better enriches the application functions, which makes the customers can freely choose the expanded modules, like face recognition module, fingerprint recognition module or intelligent IC card module.

GONSIN Paperless Conference System also can integrated with Automatic Speech Recognition System(ASR) to realize real-time, complete and orderly text transcription from sound, and ensures the text corresponding to each delegate’s speech. GONSIN ASR System has three deployment modes to choose from, which are suitable for different fields and achieve a better human-computer interaction mode. In application scenarios such as government and business meetings, technical seminars, and lectures, it can effectively enhance the effect of the meeting and enrich the meeting experience of the participants.


【Unique and Brilliant】Leaders Series Rectangular Columnar Short Microphone


GONSIN Leaders Series Rectangular Columnar Short Microphone adopts an full-metal cover, with modern industrial-style design. The high-end and elaborate appearance and excellent sound quality are recognized by customers.

Single microphone, dual microphones and quad microphones can be chosen. It can equip with dual or quad rectangular columnar microphones with horizontal array layout with full metal microphone pedestal, which is simple and elegant. Each microphone has independent audio output and multiple redundant back-up to ensure the smooth progress of the meeting.

It is the 14 mm diameter gilded capacitance microphone with cardioid directed electred, delivering clear sound effect. Built-in windproof cotton, it can optimize the structure design of the acoustic chamber, bringing better sound quality.

Adjustable microphone angle, convenient for collecting the sound

successful cases
▲China's Anti-poverty Relocation and Resettlement Follow-up Support Work Conferenc

Shenzhen OCT Harbour Command Center

▲People's Hospital of Zhucheng, Shandon

Intermediate People's Court of Fuzhou City, Jiangxi


GONSIN Conference Solution successfully applied in Shenzhen Stock Exchange

 Shenzhen Stock Exchange (SZSE), established on 1st December, 1990, is a self-regulated legal entity under the supervision of China Securities Regulatory Commission (CSRC). Its main functions include providing the venue and facilities for securities trading, formulating operational rules, receiving listing applications and arranging securities listing, organizing and supervising securities trading, supervising members; regulating listed companies, managing and disseminating market information and other functions as approved by the CSRC.


According to the requirement of multiple conference rooms of ,GONSIN has customized a Wired/Wireless conference solution for it with DCS-2043 Dual Chain Backups Conference System, DCS-1022 Triple-band Wireless Congress System and IR Simultaneous Interpretation System.

In addition to realize the discussion function, IR Simultaneous Interpretation System was installed to ensure the smooth progress of international financial cooperation and exchanges , which has solved the demand for multilingual international conferences.

DCS-2043 Dual Chain Backups Conference System

Two original invention patented technologies are adopted: LPMA-E Low Power Consumption Multichannel Audio Network Bus Technology and AF-AM Attenuation Factor Audio Mixing Technology.
Three mechanisms for backups to ensure the safe, stable and reliable operation of the system

  1. Hot stand-by function for the server, when the main server doesn’t work, it will automatically switch to the stand-by server.
  2. Hot stand-by function for the management software, when the control computer doesn’t work, it will automatically switch to the stand-by computer.
  3. Conference terminal obtains dual chain backups, when the main chain fails, the standby chain is available.

DCS-1022 Triple-band Wireless Congress System is a wireless conference product that supports 2.4G/5.2G/5.8G communication in three frequency bands. It is a conference discussion system that can be switched in three frequency bands created by GONSIN, and can be switched freely between multiple frequency bands. This ensures that the system can be applied stably in a complex wireless environment. The system is highly recognized by customers for its mature and stable technology platform, rich and practical product functions, and highly recognizable appearance design.

GONSIN IR simultaneous interpretation system with 12-channel is an audio conference system that provides language distribution for multilingual conferences. It is the most commonly used transmission mode in wireless language distribution systems in the market. It has strong confidentiality, eliminates external malicious interference and eavesdropping, and ensures that participants can hear the speech clearly and smoothly. The system can modulate and transmit up to 12 languages at the same time. Participants only need to be equipped with a lightweight receiver to listen to the required language by selecting the channel.

Conference Center of Shenzhen University Town
1000 seats of IR simultaneous interpretation system

South China University of Technology
DCS-2043 Dual Chain Backups Conference System,
DCS-1022 Triple-band Wireless Congress System

Anhui Higher People's court 
DCS-2043 Dual Chain Backups Conference System

The 47th Annual Council of CDB
DCS-1022 Triple-band Wireless Congress System

GONSIN Voting System Escorted in Zhongxian,Chongqing

 In the decision-making process of national governance, voting has a vital impact on political decision-making, economic development, and people’s livelihood promotion. The traditional paper voting method has problems such as cumbersome process, time-consuming, easy to have wrong votes and invalid votes, and weak confidentiality. At present, the electronic voting system has been widely used in the National People's Congress at all levels and the Chinese People's Political Consultative Conference(CPPCC).

It only takes a few minutes from the beginning of the voting to the statistical announcement of the voting results. There is no need to print, issue, and collect paper votes, and there is no need to arrange professional vote counters to perform tedious manual statistics. It is simple and fast. The Zhongxian National People's Congress and the CPPCC in Chongqing City selected GONSIN voting system after comparisons. The voting system operated stably and reliably, which fully guaranteed the voting rights of the participants.

GONSIN 2057 series flush-mounting voting system was equipment in the meeting room, which combined the discussion module.When voting, the participants presses voting button, and the large display screen will display the number of votes for "YES", "ABST", "NO" in real time. The voting process is automatically completed and data statistics are performed, which is efficient and orderly, and the statistics of voting results are fast and accurate.

GONSIN provides a overall solution of voting system for Zhongxian People’s Congress and the CPPCC, making the meeting procee smoothly and was recognized by users.


GONSIN complete solution applied in Shenzhen Metro Property Building

Shenzhen Metro Property Building is located in the Futian Central Business District of Shenzhen with 150,000㎡ construction area, and the total height of the building is about 249 meters. With the continuous development of Shenzhen metro construction, the building is equipped with the efficient, advanced and intelligent devices and chose GONSIN as the provider of the audio and vedio complete solution.

According to the application requirements of Shenzhen Metro Property Building, GONSIN has design a high-end complete solution that combines multiple systems such as
conference booking system, paperless conference system, digital PA system, central control system, camera tracking system, and recording and broadcasting system, which comprehensively enhance the conference experience in the building.

GONSIN LCD lifting paperless conference system was used in the conference room. The core functions of the system cover the meeting agenda, topic materials, file browsing, USB files reading, temporary files, electronic whiteboards, message sending, call services, conference registration, voting, remote video, screen sharing, large-screen display , electronic table card, document comments, etc. Besides, it is suitable for the high-end business venue and government affairs meeting.  

In the lobby and corridors of the building, ceiling speakers are installed, and each zone can receive background broadcasts from the broadcast control center or sub-control center, realizing the broadcast demand that each zone can be controlled both in total and independently.

In the conference room, it is equipped with wall-mounted full-frequency column speakers, with advanced plane wave technology, so that the sound wave emitted by it can be diffused to the distance and on both sides, reducing the vertical propagation, making the projection distance farther, the sound field is wider and uniform, and it has a good height. Frequency penetration and delicacy, with good vocal effects, effectively solve the problems of poor speech clarity and turbid sound caused by the excessively long mixing time of the sound field environment.

GONSIN camera tracking system and recording and broadcasting system were applied to the building. The HD camera has full-automatic shooting functions such as meeting panoramic views, close-ups of participants, and close-ups of speeches. The recording and broadcasting integrated terminal supports H.265/H.264 encoding, so the image is smooth and clear even in low bandwidth. It has built-in camera automatic tracking module, with ultra-precise tracking technology and smooth tracking screen switching. The entire system is intelligently managed so as to reduce operating costs.

The building was also equipped with central control system, which is based on cloud network communication. It supports automatic cloud diagnosis, cloud backup ,cloud recovery, remote control, remote debugging, remote appointment and remote troubleshooting. The cloud central control host adopts a multifunctional interface design, and all serial ports and IO ports support customization to meet various flexible engineering application requirements. Besides, it can be expanded with wireless or wire units, and a single system can support up to 65,535 units.

Since its establishment of 18 years, GONSIN has been adhering to independent innovation, and the products launched have independent intellectual property rights. Through applying in a large number of projects, GONSIN has rich experience in AV industry. In this project, according to the requirements of  the building, GONSIN designed the customized solution of AV conference system with mature and reliable technology, providing the brand new experience for the users.


GONSIN used in Luohu Investment Holdings Building, Shenzhen


Luohu Investment Holdings Building is the first artificial intelligence industrial park purchased and built by the Luohu District Government. It is located in the Sungang-Qingshuihe Logistics Park in the north of Luohu District, Shenzhen. It covers an area of 20,000 and a total construction area of 120,000. Taking smart park management as the core, the building customized the smart park management platform for information business application.

GONSIN used in Luohu Investment Holdings Building, Shenzhen

Based on this background, Luohu investment holding building has selected GONSIN as the provider to build a smart park, so as to upgrade the conference equipment in the building, improve work efficiency and enhance conference experience. Therefore, GONSIN has designed an overall audio and video conference solution for it, integrating wireless conference discussion system, camera tracking system and conference PA system.

GONSIN 10000s series triple-band wireless conference system was applied into the building, which supports 2.4g/5.2g/5.8g  triple-band communication. It is currently the only conference discussion system in the industry that can switch freely in triple-band . Free switching between frequency bands ensures that the system can perform stably in a complex wireless environment. Besides, its mature and stable technology, rich and practical product functions, and nice appearance design are recognized by customers. And it is suitable for multi-functional venues, temporary venues and venue renovation projects.
GONSIN 10000s series triple-band wireless conference system

With the Automatic Camera Tracking System, the automatic camera tracking function can be realized for the speakers. In addition to hold the local meetings, it can also support local audio and video access to remote video meetings, providing more flexible conference modes for Luohu Investment Holdings Building and making it simple to hold a remote conference.

IR Camera Tracking Demonstration

GONSIN PA system has multiple series, such as multi-function speakers, column speaker, monitor speaker, subwoofer speaker, ceiling speaker, line arrays, etc., which can be selected according to different needs in the venue. And it has stable power output, clear sound, strong penetrating power, and extremely high sound pressure level. Moreover, GONSIN power amplifier unit is equipped with an all-copper toroidal transformer, high-power, low-noise amplifier circuit, to provide sufficient power supply for the system. With good transient response effect for high-power output,  it provides an excellent conference experience for the building.

Conference PA system

 More cases of upgrading the conference equipments of the building
with GONSIN 10000s series triple-band wireless conference system

The building of Greece National Bank

Southern University of Science and Technology