Wednesday, October 14, 2020

Gonsin successfully applied in Yanta District of Xi'an

 As the central area of Shaanxi Province, Yanta District of Xi'an city has carried out a series of deepening reforms to better serve the people, focusing on solving the problems of urban management and cooperation.

Xi’an Yanta District builds a smart city integrated management platform, which applies intelligent sensing equipment as the front end, and builds an internal audio and video integrated system.

As the overall solution provider of audio and video conference, GONSIN has designed a set of flexible, stable and efficient overall solution for Yanta District, which not only meets the current needs of customers, but also further improves the command and scheduling ability of the center, meets the needs of platform resources integration, ensures the overall operation stability, and achieves strong compatibility and scientific and practical standards.

According to the overall layout of the command center, ensuring the stability and rationality of the overall structure, GONSIN 10000s series triple-band wireless conference system was applied into the district. The system supports 2.4g/5.2g/5.8g three communication frequency bands. The terminal is not constrained by wire, and can be flexibly deployed according to the requirements. The position of infrared remote camera does not need to preset and it will follow the speaking attendee automatically. What’s more, the speaker's video screen will be uploaded in real time, which greatly improves the conference efficiency of the center.


Monday, October 12, 2020

Gonsin Escorted Hubei Branch Of AIR CHINA

 Recently, the launch ceremony of AIR CHINA Hubei Branch’s new office building has been held at the Wuhan Aviation Enterprise Headquarters.
In order to realize the transformation of AIR CHINA operation to digital integration, sharing and collaboration, Hubei Branch of AIR CHINA introduces the GONSIN full digital conference system, which provides strong support for building a highly digital collaborative work platform.

According to the different functions of conference rooms, 2043 dual chain conference system, 1022 Triple-band wireless conference system and 3300 discussion conference system were applied into the new office building. GONSIN discussion conference system is developed based on digital audio technology and digital control architecture. It integrates high-performance processing, high compatibility and high-tech, which enriches the conference application function of Hubei Branch of AIR CHINA.

GONSIN digital conference system can be integrated with remote video conference system, effectively responding to emergencies, and effectively enhancing the processing ability of multi department collaborative work.

It can also be combined with paperless conference system to realize multi-media conference functions such as document browsing, same screen broadcasting, electronic whiteboard, large screen display, conference registration, voting and evaluation, so as to provide an efficient, convenient and practical conference platform for participants.

With the flexibility of triple- band wireless conference system, the best overall conference effect can be achieved by scheduling the agenda of each conference room.
The deep integration of Hubei Branch of AIR CHINA and GONSIN products has realized the efficient operation of the enterprise, and also satisfied the development direction of customers towards information digitization, communication coordination and intelligent service, giving full play to the advantages of the Internet, providing help for its innovation driven, transformation and upgrading, and helping to create the first-class aviation service in China.