Monday, January 21, 2019

Interview with GONSIN President Mr Huang Huabao: Cross-sector Integration for More Innovations

While global economy undergoes unpredictable changes, China’s economy is as well facing challenges from transformation. For GONSIN, 2018 is a remarkable year. This year has witnessed the 40th anniversary of reform and opening-up, and GONSIN has celebrated its 15th birthday. In fifteen years, GONSIN has companied every revolution of China’s conference system industry. Withholding the concept “Delivering Trust & Value”, GONSIN is full of vitality and never stops to pursue innovations. As the president of GONSIN Conference, Mr Huang Huabao, had a interview with, a professional website in this industry.
Innovation-driven fruitful 2018

Good news keep pouring in GONSIN in 2018.
Multiple main products have been launched in 2018, such as Desktop Paperless All-in-one Terminal, DCS-2043 dual chain backup conference system, Face Recognition Registration System. These new products have already been applied to many projects : desktop paperless system in western council in Sri Lanka. What’s more, GONSIN has achieved strategic cooperation with China Mobile and peopledigital Co.,Ltd.. This year, GONSIN has also been rewarded the CF price, “Top 10 Broadcasting Conference Brand(national)” and “2018 Influential Brands in Intelligent Building Industry”.  

For fifteen years, GONSIN has been endeavored to explore oversea market, established a global marketing network, and had numbers of projects in 140 countries and regions all over the world. GONSIN’s products have been applied to thousands of important conference projects at home and abroad: the 4th UN conference on LCDs, CELAC, Chile National Council, and national courts in Columbia.

How does GONSIN create one after another successful case in the course of its development? How does this brand stand in a dominant position in the market? Tracing back to the origin, the reasons lie in fine accumulation in industry, innovative conference technology and brand-new industry concepts.

A man who becomes a legend must be the one good at innovation; equip yourself with advantages that others don’t have, and be an expert when others have these. When talking about innovation, Mr Huang said, any industry will become a traditional industry, so does any product; only through consecutive innovation and forming a full mechanism for innovation, can an enterprise enjoy long-term development.

In the age when information boasts fast development, enterprises can stand out only through innovation. Through combination of brand new concepts---“Five Wireless Cover” and “conference+”---with technology, GONSIN has found its blue ocean market in many industries. New products like FS-FHSS Simultaneous Interpretation System, Triple band Wireless Conference System, dual chain backup conference system and paperless conference system have condensed the wisdom and inspiration of GONSIN people. 
All these have proved that innovation takes root in GONSIN people, integrating into their blood; all these have showed that the inner power of GONSIN is producing lasting vitality, pushing the brand to a new height of development.

From business starting to the second-time undertaking, Focusing is the key 

In 1980s, GONSIN’s president Mr Huang Huabao started to be engaged in computer software development ever since he’d graduated from university. Mr Huang, with his strong interest in technology R&D and persisted study in this field, had accumulated profound knowledge. In 1992, president Deng Xiaoping had brought a new round of reform and opening up all over China. Many people decided to discard their work with fixed wedge, and began to create fortune.

At that time, Mr Huang was assigned to Shunde, a city in the South Guangdong, and started his business. With good sense of observation, he found the blue ocean of conference equipment. Together with other partners, he set up the R&D center, specializing in conference equipment technology. After accumulating a certain amount of technical reserve, Foshan GONSIN was found. At that time, NPC wireless voting system market was blank, “we quickly brought clients to this field, and the product gained great success”, said Mr Huang.
In 2015, GONSIN was listed in the New Third Board, become the first listed enterprise in this area. For the enterprise, being listed made positive difference to capital connection, enhancing team cohesion and enterprise standards, and made the brand more famous; however, at the same time, being listed meant heavier responsibility and duty. Therefore, to forge a standardized enterprise became the must-taken road for Mr Huang.
For Huang Huabao, listing is more like "the second-time undertaking ". From "business starting" to " the second-time undertaking", only the heart of "focusing" the heart remains unchanged. He believes that "100 meters deep" and "100 meters wide" are two different concepts, and enterprises that fail to achieve a certain depth are very vulnerable. "In the fifteen years of business starting in Shunde, focusing is the key; only through focusing on this field, can the enterprise flourish. One should keep a clear mind and overcome the temptations of the outside world. Only by focusing on a certain market, can enterprises form core competitiveness and competitive barriers, and stand out in the industry”, Huang Huabao said firmly.  

Pushing democracy construction at the grass-roots level, responsibility is indispensible 
As Mr. Don E. Schultz argues, a brand starts from the inside, from the employees and their sense of responsibility and enthusiasm, not from some factors in the external environment. In addition to product quality and technological innovation, GONSIN also benefits from the sense of social responsibility and mission disseminating from the inside to the outside.
GONSIN’s social responsibility is reflected in the new product Internet + grassroots governance system. The Internet + grassroots governance system is a service platform for urban and rural communities, aiming at improving the level of social governance, and create a shared social governance pattern. On October 19, Peopledigital and GONSIN signed a memorandum of cooperation. Both sides have reached a number of cooperation intentions in helping to build new countryside and opening up new areas of grass-roots governance. Together, the two sides will work together to improve the grass-roots governance system of "one case, one discussion", implement the strategy of rural revitalization, help the construction of new countryside, and promote the further development of democratic process.  


Time flies, GONSIN has gone through a quarter of Jiazi (a cycle of sixty years) since it was formally established in 2003. It has reached the year of "Zhixue"(from The Analects of Confucius, meaning the 15th year) and will soon enter the year of "Dancing Elephant"(means the15th -20th year in the ancient China). Looking back on the past, GONSIN has trained a certain market fighting ability after 15 years of market sharpening. Looking forward to the future, GONSIN will go up to a higher level, open a new page of overall layout and rapid development, and write a more brilliant new chapter.