Friday, September 30, 2016

University of M’ sila, the art of communication and education

Introduction: Since its establishment in 1985, University of M’ sila has been the key university in Algeria. It has 7 schools and 23 majors, attached great importance to scientific research including language theory, business, science, physic and etc. In order to enhance and improve the education quality, it has completed the upgrade of multiple conference halls on the campus. 

As the leading provider in the complete audio and video conference system solution, GONSIN has completed the upgrade project and offered a better platform for communication and education. 

As for the complete AV conference system solution in the educational institutes, GONSIN has its unique and systematic design cycle. Its clients include University of Science and Technology of China, Tongji University, Addis Ababa Urban Management Institute, King Abdullah University of Science and Technology and etc. With advanced technology, stable performance and excellent quality, GONSIN products have gained consistent recognition from customers. 


In the case, the project is the international conference hall that can contain up to 1,000 people and is aimed to hold various seminars and symposiums. It need to be equipped with simultaneous interpretation system besides PA system and display system. The 6m theater-style hall has fixed stage, and stepped seats . 

Customer demands: 
1. Reasonable solution, cost-effective products  
2.The whole system has a highly stable and advanced conference mode 
3.Easy to install, operate and maintain 
4.Support interactive discussion 
5.Stable communication and the effective signal range can cover the 1,000 people conference hall 

According to the university demands, GONSIN design team has offered one complete set of conference solution based on TL-4200 desktop digital conference discussion system and DSSS simultaneous interpretation system. 

TL-4200 GONSIN 4200 desktop digital conference system is self-developed by GONSIN. Since it was launched into market in 2010, it has been successfully applied in numerous international conferences and conference venues. GONSIN 4200 desktop digital conference system not only meets the basic conference demand, but also comes with multiple functions. TL-4200 basic discussion unit has the video camera tracking function; by the extended function, it comes with the corresponding attendance registration, voting, election, evaluation and simultaneous interpretation function; The voice-activated function brings convenience not only to normal users but also to the visually impaired people. 

GONSIN DSSS wireless simultaneous interpretation system is a classic GONSIN product. It has gained several honors such as The Torch Program by the Ministry of Science and Technology of China, Guangdong Province Key New Product by Guangdong Department of Science and Technology and China's construction industry association branch of intelligent buildings "Intelligent Building Quality Products" by the intelligent Construction Branch of Chinese Construction Industry. The product has been upgraded and optimized as FS-FHSS wireless simultaneous interpretation system. 

FS-FHSS interpretation system utilizes GONSIN self-developed FS-FHSS technology.  This brandnew wireless digital communication technology is developed from the hopping communication technology with frequency selection technology. The system automatically detects and selects the frequency spectrum, ensure the selected frequency spectrum is clear. The frequency-selecting and frequency-hopping double mechanism makes stable communication. 


AS a brandnew RF interpretation system, it comes with several advantages: 
a.One wireless AP supports 8 interpretation channels, the whole system support up to 16 channels ( 1 floor audio + 15 interpretation channels). Less wireless AP, less investment 
b. The effective distance for signal transmission is 50-500 meters, which agrees with different conference venues in all scales. It suits rental market perfectly. The customized version can cover 2,000 meters; One wireless AP can cover the whole conference venue. If use IR simultaneous interpretation system, it will need several IR radiators installing. 
c. RF transmission will not be blocked by any object, immune to the light source interference including sunlight. Simpler installation and debugging, make the installation quickly, suitable for outdoor conference venue. 
d. Exclusive digital audio coding and decoding technology, AES encryption and grouping techniques, ensure the data security 

FS-FHSS Simultaneous Interpretation System in India Mass Religion Rally 

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Thursday, September 22, 2016

Paperless + Wireless Conference System Builds Up Intelligent University

Introduction: Recently, GONSIN has completed the conference system upgrading project in Chongqing Jiaotong University. The project uses paperless conference system and wireless discussion system. As co-construction university, Chongqing Jiaotong University has been established since 1951. Now it has request for software and hardware upgrading, so to improve education quality, therefore, it opens public bidding . GONSIN, as professional leading provider for integrated conference system solution, has be awarded the bidding, and offered Chongqing Jiaotong University with more convenient, intelligent and stable conference system. 


The upgrading conference venue is the international conference hall. As the main conference venue, it requires high-standard conference system.

Customer’s requirement

1. Comprehensive, practical paperless function supports attendance registration, voting, evaluation, grading, files presentation, etc. 

2.Easy operation and maintenance, superior stability, reliable performance under complicated environment conditions.

3.Wireless conference system shall meet international industry standard, utilizes digital processing and transmission technology. Stable performance, crystal clear sound, highly resistant to interference. 

4.Capable for future system expanding. 

Product selection: 
According to the university requirements, GONSIN design team has offered one complete set conference solution based on GONSIN 10000 series dual-band wireless conference system assorted with paperless conference function, which improves the education quality greatly. 

GONSIN10000 series dual-band wireless conference system supports 2.4G/5.8G dual band communication. It can make setting to switch the band; The product has excellent sound quality, rich and crystal clear sound, CD sound-level, which enables users to have comfortable operation experience. This system suits high-rank market, rental market and conference room upgrading, e.g. historic building or old conference venue. The maximum system capacity is 450 terminals. Multiple systems can operate in the same environment without any interference; It has 8 in 1 out SD video matrix, supports extended HD camera. It’s extendable with paperless system, to makes it more perfect function.

Paperless congress terminal includes chairman terminal, delegate terminal, call service terminal and congress management terminal; Chairman terminal can cast attendance registration( key-press or insert-card), voting, evaluation, grading function; Call service terminal enables participants request service, the requests will be displayed in time on the paperless call service terminal, therefore, service staff will give service according to what displays on the terminal. The congress management terminal can set speaking mode, speaking delegate number, volume and so on. 

Along with strengthening of people's environmental protection awareness, paperless conference system comes into being, and have been applied in many working sectors. Thanks for Chongqing Jiaotong University selecting GONSIN Wireless & Paperless conference system, which contributes to building up intelligent university.


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Friday, September 16, 2016

GONSIN DCS-2021 Conference System Installing

First Set Small Target to Achieve, Such As Be No.1

In the last two months, more than 180 companies and 273 sports team, near 4,000 employees participated in Daliang Staff Sports Festival. In this sports festival, 92 basketball games, 40 football games, 72 badminton games and 108 interest games were held. the played games, participant number, festival scale, have been has been reached highest level. 

In this week, this photo went viral in all kinds of social medias.

The screen shot is from the domestic talk show. In its first episode, the guest is the richest man in China, Wang Jiangling

“ Firstly, set a small goal to achieve, such as earning 100 million,” Although it sounds inspiring, the goal for us is to be No.1.

The small goal for GONSIN is to be No.1, which is GONSIN spirit. GONSIN, as one of the pioneering company in Shunde, carries on the practical, determined, to-be-No.1 spirit. Since its establishment in 2003, Gonsin has gained numerous honors, GONSIN wireless digital voting system and DSSS wireless digital simultaneous interpretation system is awarded the honor of National Torch Program by the Ministry of Science and Technology, Guangdong Province New Key Product by the Department of Science of Guangdong, Intelligent Building Quality Products" by the Intelligent Construction Branch of Chinese Construction Industry and other honors; GONSIN’s DSSS wireless digital simultaneous interpretation has successfully applied the DSSS wireless technology to the conference system industry, which is the first one in China and fills the gap in the market. The latest DCS series, with incomparable design and product differentiation strategy, support economical paperless conference and various conferences with series of wireless conference products. 

By participating the sports festival, GONSIN spirit and team building have been strengthened.

GONSIN Athletes

With sweating and passion on the field, the pioneering spirit has been enhanced. As the famous professional provider in the complete audio and video conference system solution, Gonsin continues to make progress day by day. Success requires contribution and perseverance. The tough team with to-be-No.1 spirit lay solid foundation for success. 

GONSIN Team in Podium, Runner-Up


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School Season! Do you get your new conference equipment?

Introduction: In this new school season, Jiangxi College for Foreign Studies has upgraded its conference systems during the summer holiday in to order to create a better education environment with more interactive information system and efficient management. As the famous professional provider for complete audio and video conference system solution, GONSIN has offered its design for this project. 

With more than 12,000 students, Jiangxi College for Foreign Studies belongs to the Department of Commerce of Jiangxi, specially for cultivating the foreign trade professionals. Since its establishment, the college has made rapid progresses. 


Customer requirements: 
1. Clear and soft tone, hi-fi, strong anti-interference capacity 
2. Flush mounting installation, harmony with the whole conference venue 
3. Extendable to more functions, ensure the possible future upgrade 
4. Stable performance, easy to operate and maintain 
5. Realize the paperless multimedia functions 

Product Selection: 

With diverse conference forms, individualized function requirements, complicated conference management, GONSIN design team has offered a set of conference system solution with DCS-2057 series to meet the demand from the college. With stable performance and technical advantages, GONSIN has helped useres to realize a flexible and efficient conference management. 

GONSIN DCS-Q2057 economical paperless conference system consists of conference server, conference discussion terminal, paperless conference terminal ( extended terminal, service terminal, management terminal), wireless AP, data server, interpreter console(to realize the simultaneous interpretation function), PA system and display equipment, etc. Meanwhile, it can realize wireless simultaneous interpretation function when it is connected to DSSS/IR simultaneous interpretation system. 

The product utilize full metal casing, durable, sturdy, high-end texture; flush mounting installation, supports table-mounted installation or armrest installation, suits various conference venues; modular design, flexible combination with each function modules; it supports channel selection for dual delegates, or channel selection for one delegate; all combination of DCS-2057 can be extended to realize paperless function, flexible choice for customers. 

The system comes with other advantages: 
Distributed power, simplifies the project installing, cuts the budget and project work greatly; intelligent grouping management can be separately controlled and maintained each group, which supports conference venue satisfy different meeting scale. 

The extended paperless conference terminal can support attendance registration, voting, evaluation, grading functions. Besides, it can display and manage the digital conference files, realize the interpretation selection and call service function; Powerful supporting functions make the complicated conference work easy and efficient. It uses electronic files rather than the printed documents, which is more environmental-friendly. 

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