Monday, September 28, 2020

GONSIN assisted China Disabled Persons’ Federation


On September 17, the launching ceremony of "Call to action: enabling sisters with disabilities to join in shaping the future we want" initiated by the China Disabled Persons' Federation and supported by the United Nations Economic and Social Commission for Asia and the Pacific, UN women's programme, United Nations Population Fund and Rehabilitation International, was held in Beijing.

Zhang Haidi, President of the China Disabled Persons' Federation, pointed out at the ceremony that disabled women are an important force for peace and development, and they are also the important members in the human family so as to create a better life with them.

Gonsin’s star product-2043 dual chain backups conference system escorted the launching ceremony, which is with high performance DSP and high quality sound, to perfectly express the conference content.

The terminal of 2043 is rectangular columnar short design, built-in 14 mm diameter gilded capacitance microphone and built-in windproof cotton, optimizing the structure design of the acoustic chamber , bringing better sound quality of the conference.

It can also realize the remote conference and expand the discussion, simultaneous interpretation and voting functions, which improve conference efficiency.

There are about 1 billion disabled people worldwide, and about half of them are disabled women and girls. In this context, the call to action aims to further promote governments and the international community to guarantee equal rights for women and girls with disabilities. GONSIN assisted China Disabled Persons’ Federation in this special and historic event, acting for love and delivering a trustworthy voice.


Gonsin Escorted Rizhao Emergency Command Center, Shandong

 In order to accelerate the informatization construction of the Rizhao city’s emergency management and further improve the emergency response capabilities, Rizhao Emergency Management Bureau actively promotes the construction of an emergency command center.

In this project, it was seeking for a conference system which is stable, reliable, compatible and expandable, ensuring the ability of responding to emergencies.

After selection, GONSIN Leaders Series Rectangular Columnar Short Microphone was selected to apply in the center for the high quality sound, stable performance and elegant design,  recognized by the leaders of the center.

It drops full metal microphone pedestal and rectangular column microphone stem,that is simple and elegant. What’s more, with 14 mm diameter gilded capacitance microphone and cardioid directed electred, it offers clear sound. At the same time,the built-in windbreak cotton and shock-proof insulating rubber helps to effectively reduce shocking and noise from installation surface.

Gonsin conference system will further enhance the command and dispatch capability of the center, ensure the overall operation stability, and provides a strong guarantee for the construction of the emergency command system in Rizhao City.


Monday, September 14, 2020

GONSIN Digital PA System applied in Donghua Zen Temple,Guangdong

 GONSIN Digital Public Address System successfully applied in Donghua Zen Temple, Shaoguang city, Guangdong, providing the complete solution of IP PA System.

The system is a comprehensive AV communication system integrating computer network, PSTN telecommunication network and mobile communication network.

Support seamless connection of SIP terminal and PSTN phone expansion; Support connection with camera leading brands, such as Hikvision, Dahua Technology and so on. It can operate stably for long under low and high temperature environment, with high performance, low power consumption and 7*24 hours working design.


And It can centrally manage all network terminal equipments, and can upgrade and maintain the program source, timing scheme and its equipment. Each terminal can be partitioned freely without line limitation. Support timing settings,according to the schedule of work and rest; Support the audio source of the database in any terminal on-demand server; Support fire alarm access.

It is suitable for office building cluster, school, station, hospital, hotel, airport, factory, shopping center and other large-scale places.


【Exhibition Review】Gonsin in Prolight+sound Guangzhou 2020 Exhibition

 From 21st to 24th August, the Prolight+sound Guangzhou 2020 Exhibition (PLSG) was successfully held, and GONSIN as one of the exhibitors, has displayed our latest products and integrated conference solutions. Being a leading corporation among professional conference equipment industry, GONSIN has been working hard on audio and video technology improvement. Thanks for all your attention and participation. 

The following pictures will show you the uniqueness and charm of GONSIN at the exhibition.

Numerous exhibitors stopped by and stayed for our latest product—Automatic Speech Recognition (ASR) System, which can achieve real-time, complete and orderly text transcription from sound, and ensures the text corresponding to each delegate’s speech.

Moreover, customers and partners visiting our stand, all have taken a look at the Paperless conference System, because the new and upgraded functions impressed them a lot . It can be equipped with optional modules: camera module, IC card module and fingerprint identification module, which can realize the functions of face recognition registration, camera and video, speech camera tracking, IC card plug-in registration, fingerprint registration, to meet the needs of different conferences.

What’s more, one of the highlights of the exhibition, was holding the live event of broadcasting the exhibition online, so that the overseas customers can have the virtual tour of visiting the exhibition in their countries.

Besides, GONSIN’s other solutions like large-scale conference center solution, government affairs solution, outdoor/inside large-scale wireless conference solution, etc., still catches people’s attention.

Thanks again to the customers who always support GONSIN, and we will keep offering the best products and services in return.  

Project collection| Gonsin FS-FHSS Wireless Congress System


Project sharing

European Union Delegation to Myanmar

Ras Lanuf Oil and Gas Processing Company

Harbin University Of Commerce

The training room of Amanyangyun Hotel,Shanghai

Wuhu Public Resources Trading Center, Anhui

Nanjing Jinling Group

Now, Gonsin FS-FHSS Wireless Congress System is widely used in many fields with flexibility and convenience futures.