Saturday, January 30, 2016

Expect Winning in 2016

——GONSIN 2016 Joining together, Drawing Blueprint, New Leap Spring Festival Evening Party 

2015 is destined to be extraordinary

With the confidence to transcend ourselves

With the eager to better future

2016, GONSIN sets out!

2015 is destined to be extraordinary

With 12-year-development,

GONSIN has experienced multiple extraordinary moments

The slump industry

The experience sediment and thinking during the transformation

In this year, GONSIN is fighting

And will be proud of better achievement

2016 is coming,

New year is a new beginning

GONSIN will start a new journey with new mission

Wave goodbye to 2016, Embrace 2016

All employees of GONSIN gathered in Junlai Hotel IN Shunde and welcome the new year. In 12-year-development, GONSIN has experienced from being nothing in the beginning to be something today, from the vertical development in development period to professional deep development now, and set the new beginning in the capital market. With the rapid development of internet economy, GONSIN faces a new challenge and opportunity.

Huang Huabao, Chairman of the borard, has put forward the cultivating internet thinking development model, has boosted Wireless Five Coverage Strategy firmly and improved GONSIN brand influence vigorously.

Since 12 years ago, from beginning to rising, from promotion to outpace, GONSIN has experienced multiple challenges in the market and stably become the main supplier of complete solution of audio and video conference system. 2015 is significant in the history of GONSIN. With standard operation and sound management system, GONSIN has officially been listed on National Equities Exchange and Quotations( NEEQ). 

Junlai Hotel 

The Party is coming! Endless Happiness!

What is the spring festival evening party? It is the day that hard-working people gather together and harvest the fruit of achievement! In the past year, every employee in GONSIN has traveled from south to north to visit our customers and tried to get a satisfying work report after one-year. They are expecting more hope and touching.

Our party is different!

When it comes to the time node, there are money-show-off spring festival parties in circles of friends in WeChat. Everyone is showing off their lotteries and awards. GONSIN is tired of the endless show-off. We have voting and evaluation system in out party. Different evening party, GONSIN spring festival evening party is unique! 

Using BJ-W5 Wireless Voting System to grade the shows

Fighting together, strive to develop!

Every employee in GONSIN, is the teller, participator of the story. In their fields and positions respectively, in every detail, they are creating their own stories and participate the big story on the platform of GONSIN. For 12 years, a group of common people gather here and walk off an extraordinary road. 

Through Thick and Thin Award

Trophies of Through Thick and Thin 

Wonderful Performance!

Passionate songs, tender dance and attractive short sketch let us laugh. Thanks the giving of every employee, thanks the leaders of all levels, thanks GONSIN to let us gather together. With this dynamic team, GONSIN will reach more achievements.

2015 Brilliant History

  • Eight series of new products launched in market
  • Listed on NEEQ, become the first one in professional conference system industry in NEEQ
  • GONSIN product assists Chinese President Xi Jinping’s state visit to Singapore
  • GONSIN product assists G20 Summit
  • GONSIN FS-FHSS simultaneous interpretation assist India-Pakistan Mass Religion Rally 

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Monday, January 25, 2016

The solution design difference between FS-FHSS simultaneous interpretation system and IR simultaneous interpretation system

When it comes to the solution design, the technicians would think of the site condition and the customers demand immediately. As for the adaptability of the solution design, because FS-FHSS simultaneous interpretation system utilizes the radio frequency technology which has high penetrability, the FS-FHSS system has the advantage in selection the wireless access pointsWAP easier. When it comes to the number of WAP, the application circumstance of conference is out of consideration and the number could be calculated with only the demanded channels. After that, it could operate with  the corresponding server and receiver, which make it very convenient. However, as for the solution design of IR simultaneous interpretation system, it should consider that the site environment could affect the IR signal transmission, especially for IR radiators. 

Because infrared ray comes with the physical characteristic of light, it must take the following factors into consideration, such as the conference area, building construction/storey height, the distribution of participants, obstacles, the signal reflection condition, light source, etc.  There are many limits. When it come to the dome conference hall with multiple floors, the ancient building with many bearing columns and temporary conference with extremely high dense participants, the limit of IR system is especially obvious.  Although many professional manufacturers have complete detailed formula to guide the pre-sale solution design currently, it comes with higher technical standard for the technicians and operators. That is not a problem for the master in the conference industry, but for the current conference industry with high employee turnover rate, undoubtedly, it is an obstacle.

FS-FHSS simultaneous interpretation system could be applied to all sizes of indoor and outdoor conference, what is more, it could be customized for the outdoor application. However, IR interpretation system mostly is applied in the medium and small size conferences. Although the IR technology is improved continuously and the outdoor IR interpretation system that could operate in sunshine is in the market. But it has to add lots of IR radiators and the deployment difficult is dramatically increased.  When it comes to the solution design, FS-FHSS simultaneous interpretation system offers the more choices for technicians. Currently, numerous international conferences require the simultaneous interpretation devices to remotely transmit audio data of multiple languages. For this requirement, FS-FHSS simultaneous interpretation system and digital IR simultaneous interpretation system could make it.

IR simultaneous interpretation system application in indoor small size conference 

IR simultaneous interpretation system application in indoor medium size conference.

FS-FHSS simultaneous interpretation system applied in large-scale stadium

FS-FHSS simultaneous interpretation system applied in large outdoor conference with high-dense participants

Based on the technical analysis above, we can reach the conclusion below

The Simplicity of Solution Design:
IR Simultaneous Interpretation System: ★★
FS-FHSS Simultaneous Interpretation System: ★★★★★

Range of Product Application:
IR Simultaneous Interpretation System: ★★★
FS-FHSS Simultaneous Interpretation System: ★★★★★

The Flexibility of Solution Configuration
 IR Simultaneous Interpretation System: ★★★
      FS-FHSS Simultaneous Interpretation System: ★★★★★ 

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Thursday, January 21, 2016

Difference between FS-FHSS Simultaneous Interpretation System and IR Simultaneous Interpretation System

Since it appeared inthe 1920s, the simultaneous interpretation equipment has developed for almost acentury. According to the reliable material, the earliest wireless simultaneous interpretation system came in 1926. The wireless simultaneous interpretation technology runs through the development history of interpretation equipment. 

As the traditional wireless simultaneous interpretation, because it came out earlier and went through long development, IR simultaneous interpretation is well-known. However, as the innovative wireless simultaneous interpretation technology, FS-FHSS simultaneous interpretation is relatively mysterious.  

The writer will make analysis of the technical principle and technical character of IR and FS-FHSS, and then elaborate the difference between two kinds of simultaneous interpretation technology in pre-sale configuration, device installation and commissioning, after-sale devices upgrading and service from all perspectives.

Analysis of technical principle and characteristic

The operation principle of IR simultaneous interpretation system is that it could transmit multiple channels voice data by infrared ray. And infrared ray is between the visible light and microwave in the electromagnetic spectrum. In the conference system industry, the near infrared ray region is mostly applied, with the wave length from 850nm to 900nm and the modulation frequency lower 10M( mostly from 2M to 8M). Nowadays, it is mostly applied in simultaneous interpretation system and discussion system. The signal transmission of IR system is by the strength or the on-off of infrared ray. (The transmission terminal emits the Infrared ray with strength difference inaccording to the information feature, the receiver utilizes the photodiode to receive the infrared ray and transfer to level signal carrying information) 

On account of the physical character of infrared ray, IR simultaneous interpretation could meet the basic encryption demand by blocking the light, partition wall and other physical ways. However,  to encrypt totally, except the basic physical ways, it could more count on the coding and decoding technique and the corresponding encryption technique to secure the information. Currently, the main digital IR interpretation systems utilize the encoding and decoding technology for encryption, rather than encrypting thedata. Infrared ray is sensitive to sunlight, high-frequency light source,because its short wave length short, the weak diffractivity to obstacles, straight line transmission, limited reflect capability, it is mostly applied inthe indoor small or medium conference.   

FS-FHSS SimultaneousInterpretation System 

FS-FHSS simultaneous interpretation system utilizes GONSIN self-innovated FS-FHSS( Frequency Selection-Frequency Hopping Spread Spectrum) technology, it belongs to RF technology. It is the cutting-edge wireless technology innovated from the base of Direct Sequence Spread Spectrum and hopping technology.  Hopping frequency communication technology is the common spread spectrum communication technology, widely applied in various communication fields. 

Based on this technology, GONSIN innovated and developed the unique FS-FHSS technology. The system would monitor and select the spectrum before conference to ensure the selected frequency free of interference. It could automatically choose the clean frequency band for communication. As the wireless signal is changing, it could avoid any inference by changing the frequency band to the selected clean frequency band. The frequency selection and frequency hopping double mechanism ensure the stable communication. Meanwhile, the system utilizes the unique encoding and decoding technology and 128 bits AES encryption and grouping technology which ensure the security of the communication. 

Because FS-FHSS technology has strong anti-interference capability, strong encryption, long communication distance, stable signal transmission, adjustable emission range,convenient installation and commissioning and etc, the system could be widely applied the indoor and outdoor conference at all sizes. That technology couldnot only be applied to FS-FHSS wireless simultaneous interpretation system, but also be applied to the discussion, voting and other comprehensive conference application function.

Base on the technical analysis above, we can reach the conclusion below:


IR Simultaneous Interpretation System: ★★★★★
FS-FHSS Simultaneous Interpretation System:  ★★★★★

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Thursday, January 14, 2016

GONSIN FS-FHSS Large-Scale Outdoor Simultaneous Interpretation System Solution——GONSIN Assisted Mass Rally in India-Pakistan

Project Background: 

The annual event 124th Jalsa Salana Qadian 2015 will be held in Amritsar Punjab India from 25th to 28th December 2015. In this year, there are up to 25,000 peoples from 40 countries.

The rally is divided into two areas: The male area and the female area. The length of male area is 100 meters, the width of it is 75 meters; the length of female area is 75 meters, the width of it is 60 meters.

In December, it is 20 degree centigrade in day in Punjab. However, the lowest temperature can reach minus 3 degree centigrade. The diurnal temperature difference is extreme; because of the Eurasia monsoon climate, it is always frosting in the evening with high humility in air.

Because the rally is temporary and outdoor, the commission time is relatively short( up to two and half day). The signal coverage area is large with many languages to be interpreted; the devices endure the strong sunshine in day and low temperature at night. The simultaneous interpretation equipment used in the past could not meet the demand, so the headquarter and the Indian division has searched for the simultaneous interpretation equipment that meet the demand since April. With the technical comparison of equipments from suppliers all over the world( including UHF frequency band interpretation system, IR interpretation system, FS-FHSS interpretation system and others) and demonstration, they eventually selected FS-FHSS simultaneous interpretation system, the upgraded and innovated version of DSSS interpretation system. The writer will write down the design and operation process for your reference.

Customers’ requirements:

(1)In order to meet the demand of the rally in future( The rally is held in the last several day in December), the simultaneous interpretation devices should have 16 channels

(2) In order to facilitate the device control and device management, the male area and female area should be controlled by one system

(3)The female area applied interpretation receivers as the voice source and connect 5 channel to the distributed broadcast respectively;

(4)The devices must be damp-proof, cool-proof, anti-sunshine

(5)The system construction is simple, it is convenient to install and commission the devices( the period of installation and commissioning is short, in this mission, there are two and half day to install and debug, on the afternoon of 25th, the system is officially operating)

(6)Clear sound, stable system

(7)The system does not require wireless permission

(8)The system should meet the demand of the synchronous operation in both male area and female area, also meet the demand of separated operation .(Namely, integrated and separated function) 

The requirements of this rally

(1)On the afternoon of 25th December, prayer ceremony: 1+9 channels interpretation in male area

(2)On the morning of 26th , 27th, 29th, December: 1+9 channels interpretation in male/female area, the original source is the chairman speech in male area;

(3)On the afternoon of 26th , 1+9 channels interpretation in male area, 1+5 channels in female area, independent operation;

(4)At 3:30 pm in 28th December, Live video from London, 1+8 channels interpretation in both male and female area.

Devices Selection:

According to the customer’s demand and the outdoor application condition, because GONSIN IR simultaneous interpretation system was applied in the military parade in the Independent Day of Georgia, we offered two solutions( GONSIN IR simultaneous interpretation system and GONSIN Simultaneous Interpretation System) and demonstrated them respectively. 

According to the customer’s demand, the demonstration is as follow:

The male area 100m×75m, female area 80m×60m, outdoor application: FS-FHSS simultaneous interpretation transmission can reach from 50m to 500m without any interference from sunshine or obstacles. According to the 16 channels and the operation condition of both areas, with FS-FHSS equipped with 4 wireless access points to transmit 8 languages, FS-FHSS simultaneous interpretation should equip with 4 wireless access points( two for male area, two for female area). IR simultaneous interpretation is easily interfered by sunshine, and high density of 25,000 participants could interfere the IR signal. If it applied IR interpretation system, it should dramatically increase the IR radiators.However, the increase of IR radiators could increase the construction difficulty of this rally( in this rally, there is not enough rigging for the installation of IR radiators), even it installed the IR radiators, it is a huge challenge to adjust the angles of radiators and delay; if they are tripod mounting, in this crowded rally, it is extremely risky to trip people. If those problems could be solved, numerous radiators could increase the investment. 

Demonstration results: 

FS-FHSS simultaneous interpretation system: ★★★★★

IR simultaneous interpretation system: ★

FS-FHSS solution is better than IR solution.

Customers’ first requirement: 1+15 channels.

For this requirement, GONSIN digital IR system and FS-FHSS system could satisfy the demand. However, for the third requirement: on the afternoon of 26th in December: Male area 1+9 channel, female area 1+5 channels, independent operation,; the second requirement, 1+9 channels used together. By the integration or separation of the system, FS-FHSS system can meet the demand; on 26th, by the grouping function of the FS-FHSS system , it sets from channel 1 to channel 10 as a group to meet the demand of male area, sets channel 11 to channel 16 as another group to meet the demand of female area. Although IR system and FS-FHSS system have integration and separation function, however, FS-FHSS is easier to be installed.

Demonstration result:

FS-FHSS interpretation system: ★★★★★

IR interpretation system : ★★★

Customer’s second requirement: to facilitate the devices control and management, the male area and female area should be covered by one system. The distance between two areas is 200 meters. Given that the real wiring is not straight, the length of it is up to 360 meters. The long-distance transmission has two solutions: one is fiber optic, another is signal relay. It is easy for both systems to set the control unit in the chairman area.

Demonstration result:

FS-FHSS interpretation system: ★★★★★

IR interpretation system : ★★★★★ 

The fifth requirement from the customers: The system configuration is simple, the installation and commission of devices is convenient. According to the first demonstration line of Device Selection, we can reach a conclusion that the components of FS-FHSS system are just 2 server, 6 wireless points and the corresponding interpretation receivers( there are 1,000 seats with interpretation receiver in this rally, in the future, the system would be extended), charging case. Compared with the IR system, the system configuration and the installation and commissioning of FS-FHSS is more simple. In fact, except the consideration of installation and commissioning of devices, the supplier should consider the disposition before sales. The number of wireless access point could be counted by the simple estimation of the on-site environment. However, whether the IR radiators reflect enough, whether the sunshine interferes, these should be considered fully. What is more, the installation place of IR radiators and their angle also need to be considered.

Demonstration result:

FS-FHSS interpretation system: ★★★★★

IR interpretation system : ★

The forth requirement of the customers: Devices must be damp-proof, cool-proof, anti-sunshine. Both systems are damp-proof, cool-proof. However, as for anti-sunshine, IR system would faces bigger challenge in the strong sunshine. But before the operation, this requirement is fully considered, the user experience of it could not be affected.

Demonstration result:

FS-FHSS interpretation system: ★★★★★

IR interpretation system : ★★★★

Both systems could meet the demand of the third, sixth, seventh requirement of the customer.

Demonstration result:

FS-FHSS interpretation system: ★★★★★

IR interpretation system :★★★★★


According to the comprehensive consideration and full demonstration, we finally recommend GONSIN FS-FHSS interpretation system, the detailed solution is as follow: 

1. System Components: FS-FHSS conference server: 3 units( one unit to realize 8 channels, two for 16 channels, another is backup and operates jointly and separately)

Four wireless access points: 4 ( two for male area, two for female area)

Receiver: 1,000

Interpretation Unit: 15 units

Charging case: several

2. System Configuration:

(1)In order to meet the demand of joint operation and separate operation for male area and female area. So that, it put two conference servers in the control room in the male area to facilitate the devices control and management;

(2) Based on the separate operation on the afternoon of 26th, 1+9 channels for male area, 1+5 channels for female area. In addition, the ground voice is from the chairman area in female area. Given that the interpreters acquire the body language of speaker through the window, so it placed several interpreter booths in the female area.

(3) In order to cover the signal evenly, two wireless access points are installed in the male are and two for the female area. The installation angle is dipping downward.

The male area: 75m*100m
The female area: 60m*80m
The cable from the control room in male area to WAP: 100m
The cable from the control room in female area to WAP: 80m
Between WAP: 10m
All cables: 360m

3. System configuration

(1) the afternoon of 25th , the morning of 26th, 27th and 28th application is solution one.

(2) the afternoon of 26th application is solution two. 

Solution One

Solution Four

Real result:

(1)Customers could hold conferences with 1+15 interpretation channels, and combine and separate within 16 channels at their will( it would be 1+9 channels for male area, 1+5 channels for female are; it could meet the demand of three areas, four area and even more);

(2)Except the outdoor application in this conference, it could meet the demand of multiple indoor conferences. When the interpreter booths is insufficient, it could assign the remote interpreter booth to use. The installation and debugging is simple, convenient, efficient;

(3)The extensibility of the system: within the signal coverage, customer could add more receiver in according to the guests, and do not need to add more equipment.

Customers’ feedback:

1. The direct customer: Perfect

2. The organization staff: Simple, convenient, easy to operate and use

3. The end-user: naturalized language as mother tone, easy to understand

4. The superior of the customer: the interpretation system is the biggest highlight in this event.

Project sidelights:

1. Local weather, temperature

2. Project scene

3. Equipments 


Wireless Access Points

Charging cases

Tuesday, January 12, 2016

(GONSIN) FS-FHSS Simultaneous Interpretation System Assisted Mass Rally In India-Pakistan

Jalsa Salana Qadian 2015 was held from 25th to 28th December in 2015 in Amritsar India. The city situates in Punjap State in northwestern India, is the stronghold in the Indian border and also is the holy land. Near the Pakistan, Punjap bordered Himalayas to the north. The altitude of it is about 218 meters, its temperature is from -3 to 20 degree Celsius, it is Eurasia monsoon climate. The headquarter of it situates in London, England with dozens of divisions in the globe. Every year, it held the annual Pilgrimage and the Indian event is relatively larger.

It is a grand outdoor religion activity. Because the rally gatheres members from more than 40 countries, it requires 10 languages such as English, Russian, Arabic, etc. There are the foreigners and Indians who speak different dialects. As a result, it requires one mass simultaneous interpretation that is suitable for the mass outdoor rally and adapts to the unstable outdoor environment factors such as the sunshine interference, the high humility in air, almost 20 degree Celsius diurnal temperature difference. With more than 25,000 peoples attending this rally, the rally is divided into two areas, namely, the male area and the female area. The male area has 700 seats with simultaneous interpretation receivers with 10 channels, the female area has 300 seats with 6 channels. In this activity, with 360 meters cables, there are synchronous parts and there are separate parts. During the event, it need to transmit one video signal and four language signals from the headquarter in London to Indian rally. To realize the transmission of multiple languages from other continent, requires the devices equipped with the capacity of remote transmission of audio data and quick audio channels switch function.

In the communication with the customers, we knew that in the past years, they used a set of one channel wired audio transmission system built by themselves. During the operation, the organizer would distribute the participants in accordance to the language. By connecting the earphone to the audio cable in the ground, it realized the audio transmission. Consequently, it is a time-consuming project and easily stuck in troubles. It could realize only one interpreter voice transmission. With longer operation time and the larger scale, the original system could not meet the demand from the customers . After we knew the customer demand and the current situation, we find it very important to design a set of wireless interpretation system. In the current wireless simultaneous interpretation technology, it could be divided into two major parts, namely IR technology and FM technology. What is more, the frequency bands of FM applied to transmit the audio signal is VHF frequency band and UHF frequency band. 

Based on the physical character of Infrared ray, it is sensitive to sunshine and other high-frequency light source; at the same time, its wave length is relatively shorter and its diffractivity is weaker, so it can only meet the demand of the straight line transmission. Although the infrared ray can reflect to some extent, the effect is limited, and it is mainly applied in the small and medium size indoor conference. If it utilized FM modulated analog audio VHF frequency band and UHF(400-800MHz) frequency band, the signal to noise ratio is low. Each channel just occupies one frequency point, to realize 16 channels interpretation requires 16 free frequency points at least. During the operation, 16 frequency points is fixed. When it faces the unavoidable interference and the frequency resource of VHF frequency band is few, when the FM radio signals are various and is transmitted by the superpower base station and covered too much area, it is difficult to ensure no inference for the 16 frequency points of the simultaneous interpretation. In India, the usage of FM frequency band and UHF (400-800MHz) frequency band need permission.

Considering kinds of technical factors, operation environment and function requirements, customers select GONSIN FS-FHSS wireless simultaneous interpretation system after full understanding of the product and on-site product test. The system used 2.4 GHz as transmission carrier, utilized GONSIN self-developed FS-FHSS technology, take advantage of the unique base band modulation mechanism, use one frequency point to transmit 4 channel( 16 languages just require 4 frequency points),which improves the usage rate of the wireless resource. The customer just need transmission unit to meet its simultaneous interpretation demand and reduce the difficulty of the engineering installation. Before operation, FS-FHSS technology monitors the wireless environment and select the free frequency points, provided many spare frequency points. During operation, when the frequency point get interference , it will hop between many spare frequency points, which avoids interference. That system could adjust the signal transmission power in according to the operation, the adjustment is from 50 meters to 500 meters( the customized system could reach 200 meters). Aim to the large scale of the audience area and up to 360 meters on site, GONSIN technical team adjusted the system accurately, which makes the signal transmission be the best. Meanwhile, the extended function of the simultaneous interpretation server meet the demand of remote transmission of multiple language from London.

On December 23rd, GONSIN technical team arrived at the site of activity in order to ensure that the event would held successfully. With extreme diurnal temperature difference, high humility, frosting in the morning and strong sunshine, the cables are laid outdoors or overhead. It is a extreme challenge for the GONSIN devices to be cool-proof, damp-proof, anti-high temperature. With the professional FS-FHSS wireless simultaneous interpretation system designed for the outdoor application environment, exquisite craftsmanship and the outstanding quality, all these environment problems would be solved. At the same time, the system has high resistance for interference, and is immune to inference from light source, wireless communication equipment, signal jammer. It could transmit the signal to the corresponding area effectively and ensure the operation of interpretation.

With large scale signal coverage , there is up to 1000 seats equipped with interpreter receivers. There is up to 25,000 people attending the rally. Customers takes the people flow and cell phone interference into consideration. GONSIN FS-FHSS wireless simultaneous interpretation system has strong transmission capacity and transmit signal at all direction. The participant’s motion would cases no interference in the signal effective area. The system maximum capacity is unlimited. With the super-scale transmission area and high density of participants, GONSIN technical team debugs the system accurately, the response from the customer is Perfect!

In the last part of the activity, with the remote signal transmission from London to India, four language data are input into GONSIN wireless simultaneous interpretation system clearly and stably, which dramatically improve the efficiency of the conference. The organizer and the participants has unanimously aggreed that GONSIN FS-FHS simultaneous interpretation is the biggest highlight of the event.

One mass activity could not be separate from professional team and equipment. GONSIN has insisted in the self-independent innovation and product differentiation strategy. All products has their intellectual properties. Since its self-developed DSSS wireless digital simultaneous interpretation system that was the first in China, GONSIN has gathered much experience in the field of simultaneous interpretation system. FS-FHSS wireless digital simultaneous interpretation system is upgraded and innovated version based on mature GONSIN DSSS system. It utilized GONSIN self-develop FS-FHSS technology and precise wireless signal radio control technology and remote interpretation transmission technology, and build the professional outdoor simultaneous interpretation system solution. With the hard work from GONSIN team, GONSIN will offer you various high-level audio and video solution at all perspectives.

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