Wednesday, October 28, 2015

A Brief analysis of the wireless development of the conference system industry

Wireless development is the important trend of the conference system industry. With the development of the wireless communication technology development, all main manufacture have concentrated on developing wireless conference products.

Wireless technology can be divided into two types, one is radio frequency transmission and IR transmission. The principle of the radio frequency transmission is that by the induction between electric field and magnetic field, the signal spreads outside quickly and the signal is loaded in the electromagnetic field. However, the principle of IR transmission has essential difference with radio frequency transmission. It relies on the on-or-off of the infrared ray or the change of the intensity to transmit the information. ( the transmit terminal emits the infrared ray in different intensity in according with the information features, the receiving terminal receives the infrared ray and transform it to level signal that carrying the information by the photodiode)

The main application frequency band of wireless radio frequency transmission has VHF, UHF, 5G and etc. VHF is mostly applied in the broadcasting station/ radio and television, aeronautical and marine communication and other long-distance communication, this frequency band is applied in the conference industry rarely. What UHF is applied mostly can be divided into 400MHz-900MHz and 2.4G. The 400MHz-900MHz is usually appled in the radio and television, interphone and ect. 2.4G is appled in the wireless internet. 5GHz frequency band is also applied in the wireless internet. With the limitation of the switch rate of the IR receiving tube , the IR modulation frequency could not be too high, mostly it is within 10MHz. In the application in the conference system, the regular IR frequency band is from 2MHz to 8MHz.

The illustration of main features of all kinds of wireless technology:

One, U frequency band (400MHz-900MHz), its advantage is as follow. It is high diffractive and the signal can cover more easier. Its transmission could not be weaken relatively, low power can enable the long-distance transmission. Because of the data transmission rate is relatively low, it can not meet the demand of digital system that is large amount of data. It is suited to the FM modification technology product that is small-size audio transmission and has small amount of data. Such as wireless voting system, U frequency band wireless microphone. If that frequency band is applied in the conference system, it would be easily interfered and adopted the FM analog modulation. As a result, it can cause crosstalk, noise and other problem.

Two, G frequency band( 2.4G/5G), it has the following advantages such as high data transmission rate, high capacity of signal band, few interference source of 5G. It is suited to the AV product communication that has large amount data, such as wireless discussion system, simultaneous interpretation system, paperless conference, multimedia transmission. G frequency band is the main subject that the current wireless communication technology industry focuses on. It has huge technical expandable space and strong compatibility. Because this frequency band is widely applied in the wireless internet, the main problem of its application in the conference system is how to make sure G frequency band co-exists with WIFI system without any interference.

Three, IR transmission has few interference source and few possibility for the outside malicious source to disturb. However, the disadvantage of it is also apparent, its diffractive ability is weaker. During the transmission, the signal is getting weaker and is easily interfered by the environmental factor and light, which causes the small coverage of the signal. When the IR transmission technology is applied in the conference system, it need to modulated to produced stronger signal emission power in order to overcome the signal weakness during the transmission and provide more reflect energy. As a consequence, it is suited to the one-way communication such as simultaneous interpretation language distribute system. In the application in the conference system, the technical problem is how to set the power and the construct the system.

GONSIN wireless conference system: Since the establishment in 2003, GONSIN has deeply developed the wireless products. In 2003, it launched the wireless digital voting system that was the first one in the world with frequency detection and frequency offset compensation. In 2006, the unique DSSS wireless technology was innovated by GONSIN. By the wireless digital simultaneous interpretation system equipped utilizing DSSS technology, GONSIN won the honor of 2006-2007 National Torch Project. In 2006, it developed 6 channels IR simultaneous interpretation system. With the WIFI technology, GONSON R&D team applied it into conference system and launched GONSIN 1000 Congress Sever. In 2015, GONSIN makes a progressive strike. With wireless technology accumulation, it developed 2.4 G FS-FHSS technology ( frequency selecting, frequency hopping spread spectrum) wireless conference system, launched the paperless application Congress Server GONSIN30000 based on WIFI technology.

The feature of FS-FHSS selecting-and-hopping technology: it uses the 2.4 GHz global frequency band, it do no require certificate. The wireless frequency points are abundant, 80 frequency points could be used; 2.4 GHz has high frequency carrier, the signal diffractivity is relatively weak so that other 2.4 GHz signal could not interfere the conference signal. Adopt FS-FHSS technology, it detect the wireless environment and select the useable frequency point before the conference, during the conference, it hops between the backup frequency points, which can avoid the interference source. It utilizes the efficient digital audio encode and decode technology, one frequency point can transmit 4 channels, it just need two frequency points to transmit 8 channels simultaneous interpretation signals. Because the system occupies relatively less frequency points resource and utilizes the FS-FHSS technology to operate, it can co-work with WIFI and other 2.4GHz system. It applies the digital audio encryption and digital modulation to avoid any interception and malicious interference; the signal transmitting power could be modified in according with the application occasion, the adjusting range is from 50 meters to 500 meters( the customized system can cover 2,000 meters).

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Sunday, October 25, 2015

Gonsin 3300 fuels Columbian National Procuratorate

Columbia is a beautiful country located on the northwestern South America, with Pacific Ocean on its west and Caribbean Sea on its north. According to the constitution, Columbia is a centralized country based on legislative, executive, judicial separation principals. Columbian National Procuratorate is the essential part of the Columbian judicial system with its own executive and budget.

In order to promote working efficiency, improve the communication and supervise better, in this case, Columbian National Procuatorate concentrates on reconstructing the conference equipment. As the main provider in the industry to offer the professional complete audio and video conference system solution, Gonsin fuels Columbian National Procuratorate with the efficient practical conference system solution to help it to improve the conference environment in all aspects.

Through the detailed communication with the counterpart and investigation of the environment, GONSIN engineers know that the conferences are held in fixed place and require not only the amplifier system and screens, but also conference discussion system and automate camera tracking system. With the focus on what it needs, GONSIN designs a conference system equipped with automated camera tracking system with the core of GONSIN brand-new 3300 series.

GONSIN 3300 series wire desktop digital conference system is a high cost efficiency digital cable discussion system. That product is based on GONSIN fully-developed digital video processing technology, it improves its perfect microphone more perfect. Meanwhile, GONSIN has redesigned its outlook, TL-3300 utilizes the black and silver match with its high-rank outlook, big-size button design, convenient operation. With high cost performance, it is beloved by customers.

An excellent conference system not only satisfies the basic use demand of the customer, but also is designed for better user experience. The traditional cable conference system has a long-standing problem. After installation, the cables are exposed directly on the table and damages overall outlook of the conference place. For years, when GONSIN has concentrated on the technology development, it has focused on the real demand of customers. Because of the flexibility of the conference places, the product designer has increased the cable slot which can adjust the exit of the cable according to different installation. The connecting cable could be hidden smartly or exposed directly. That design enable the product to adopt in different application occasions, makes the overall outlook of the conference environment more elegant.

In this case, for the real-time display of the conference, the system is equipped with the automate camera tracking system which can track and display the speaker automatically and enable the instantaneous communication of the conference with synchronous sound and video. GONSIN central control unit unitizes the 4×1+1 video matrix which only requires the dome camera and control keyboard to realize the SD auto camera tracking; At the same time, it could be expandable to HD camera tracking system which combine video camera tracking matrix, conference HD camera and video signal converter to form a HD camera tracking system. It can offers high-quality and smooth video. The operator can preset the camera position of each conference unit by GONSIN camera tracking software and download the setting information to the conference central control unit to enable that the system can be camera track offline. By pressing the microphone button, the camera can track the corresponding speaker and display the speaking image on the screen.

For years, GONSIN conference products have been applied to many procuratorate projects at home and abroad. GONSIN has rich design experience in the demand of the procuratorate. With the real applications in the procuratorates as principal, GONSIN offer the complete solution.

The procuratorate cases:

People’s  Procuratorate of Jinan District,  Fuzhou City,  Fujian Province
People’s  Procuratorate of Futian District,  Shenzhen City,  Guangdong Province
People’s Procuratorate of Jiangmen City,  Guangdong Province
People’s Procuratorate of Changed City,  Hunan Province
People’s Procuratorate of Wuling District,  Changde City,  Hunan Province
People’s Procuratorate of Xiangyang City,  Hubei Province
People’s Procuratorate of Nanjing City,  Jiangsu Province
People’s Procuratorate of Suzhou City,  Jiangsu Province
People’s Procuratorate of Huqiu District,  Jiangsu Province
People’s Procuratorate of Wuzhong District,  Suzhou City,  Jiangsu Province
People’s Procuratorate of Huanggu District,  Shenyang City,  Liaoning Province
People’s Procuratorate of Dalian City,  Liaoning Province
People’s Procuratorate of Jingzi District,  Dalian City,  Liaoning Province
People’s Procuratorate of Lingwu City,  Ningxia Autonomous Region
People’s Procuratorate of Baotou City,  Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region 
People’s Procuratorate of Sichuan Province
People’s Procuratorate of Liangshan Prefecture,  Sichuan Province
People’s Procuratorate of Laishan District,  Yantai City,  Shandong Province
People’s Procuratorate of Ningwu Prefecture,  Xinzhou City,  Shanxi Province
People’s Procuratorate of Lincang City,  Yunnan Province
People’s Procuratorate of Beilun District,  Ningbo City,  Zhejiang Province

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Sunday, October 18, 2015

GONSIN wireless conference system settles in Tantai Lake Hotel Suzhou

Suzhou Tantai Lake Hotel locates in the center of beautiful Tantai scenic zone. It is near the thousand-year-old great canal from Beijing to Hangzhou. With excellent location, convenient transportation and complete supporting facilities, it is designed to offer multiple functions conference service for enterprise and public institution and banquet. The conference center has 2000 square meters not-column dining hall and other different-sizes and fully-equipped conference rooms. It is very professional in conference service.  

The hotel covers area of 41,500 square meters with building area of 46,800 square meters. It is composed with the west Tantai Building and the east Baodai Building. In September 26 2015, the hotel is in trial run officially. As the main provider in the AV  complete conference system solution in domestic market, it utilizes the GONSIN 1021 double-frequency wireless discussion system, 5600 embedded conference system, IR simultaneous interpretation and other audio and video equipments, construct a complete multiple functions, efficient and convenient conference system solution, provides advanced and stable professional conference system equipment to Tantai Lake Hotel Conference Center.

Since launched in market, GONSIN wireless conference products have received the market favor with stable technology platform, multiple functions and distinct appearance design. It has been applied successfully in many key projects in home and abroad. Its stable operation has received the consistent praises from all walks of life.

GONSIN double-frequency wireless discussion system applied in the Tantai Lake Hotel, is the wireless discussion product developed from GONSIN DCS-1022. The product has many improvements in the audio circuits, and dramatically optimized the audio function with clear sound quality. It is especially suitable to the high-rank government affairs and business market, temporary small international market, rental market and historic structure and the rebuilding of the old conference room. It utilizes the 2.4 G/5.8 G double frequency communication technology to ensure the stable communication; with metal shell, it is high-end; the sensitivity of microphone could be adjusted; it had eight-in-one-out SD camera tracking matrix, with the support of HD camera tracking; with cutting-edge technology, after the upgrade in the future, the product could be extended to paperless function. 

DCS-1021 wireless conference system project cases:

                                                National Parliament of Burkina Faso 

                                                      City Hall of KOS Island in Greece

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Wednesday, October 7, 2015

Innovation Makes Chinese Dream

Beloved motherland, wish you sail as a hope ship from the salute gun sound of the foundation ceremony of PR China, from the good news from the spacecraft Shenzhou 7, from the blue print of reform and revival in city, from the wealthy country song. As a result, I can see that spring wind blow into the millions of happiness windows, I hear that Spring Story resounds through China. Heroic battleships sail on the vast territorial seas, rockets launch in the western frontier. During half-century journey, there are setbacks and achievements.

General secretary XI Jinping put forward the great concept of Chinese Dream in the 18th National Congress of Communist Party of China. The essence of the Chinese Dream is to realize the great rejuvenation of Chinese nation and to make China stand rock-firm in the family of nations. In 21st century, today, the competition of comprehensive national strength has turned into the competition of science and technology.

The 66th anniversary of the foundation of China is coming. With nationwide celebration and the extend of the realization of the great rejuvenation of Chinese nation, we discuss on the Chinese Dream of GONSIN.

To do solid work and innovate is necessary to realize Chinese Dream. As the leader brand in the professional conference system industry, to realize Chinese Dream is the responsibility of every one in GONSIN. From its foundation, GONSIN has insisted in the self-innovation and the development strategy of product differentiation. Every product from GONSIN has independent intellectual property. GONSIN has gotten more than 41 patents such as invent patents, utility model patents and appearance patents.

GONSIN has insisted in stable and steady enterprise style, strengthened its development base. Its innovation in products has been recognized by national, provincial, city departments and industry association. GONSIN wireless conference voting system and DSSS wireless digital simultaneous interpretation have received honors such as National Torch Project from Ministry of Science and Technology, Guangdong Province Key New Product from the science and technology office of Guangdong Province, Intellectual Building High Quality Product from Intellectual Building Branch of Chinese Construction Association. GONSIN DSSS wireless digital simultaneous interpretation system has been the first DSSS wireless technology application in the conference system industry, which fills the gap in the market. The launched DCS series, with incomparable design and differentiation development strategy, is the economic paperless conference system and the all-series wireless conference system product which adapts in different environment and various application scenes.

Innovation is the first motive power to promote development. In order to mine the staff potential, in order to attract and retain talents, in order to encourage staff to innovate and create and strengthen the company’s innovation ability and sustainable development ability, GONSIN has made relative internal innovation encouragement management system. Every year, GONSIN awards personnel who contributes to technology innovation and regularly arrange talent training course in order to strengthen its team and make it a innovative team.

This is the age that every one dare to dream and every one can make dream come true. Innovation to repay the nation and serving the society have been the dream and pursuit of GONSIN. With its mission, responsibility and dream, GONSIN not only is the leader brand in the industry but also is rising fresh troops among domestic enterprises. GONSIN would contribute to realizing the great rejuvenation of Chinese nation and Chinese Dream!

New products we innovated in those years:

1. FS-FHSS wireless simultaneous interpretation system

2. DCS-1021 wireless digital conference system 

3. DCS-2021 paperless conference system

4. DCS-3021 wireless digital conference system

5. BJ-W5 wireless voting system

6. TL-3300 digital conference system

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