Wednesday, June 29, 2016

【 Ten-year Project】People’s Congress of Anshun City in Guizhou Province

The standing committee of People’s Congress of Anshun City, 2004 

In 2004, the stand committee of People’s Congress of Anshun City purchased conference system equipments through open tendering. It strictly selected the providers from home and abroad. After several selection, Gonsin has won the project with its stable products and advanced technology. GONSIN offered the wired conference discussion system GX-800K and digital voting system BJ-W1 which were combined to form a complete set of audio and video conference system solution, to increase the conference efficiency of the standing committee.

During 12 years, various conferences of the standing committee of People’s Congress have witnessed the durable quality of GONSIN products. Although the conference room was upgraded twice, GONSIN products continues to serve the standing committee. As a leading professional provider in the complete conference system solution, Gonsin has insisted in the independent innovation product development strategy since its establishment, and has received recognition from the domestic market.

The standing committee of People’s Congress of Anshun City, 2016 

In 2016, People’s Congress of Anshun City is about to upgrade the conference system in the conference hall. Thanks to he excellent user experience of GONSIN product, Gonsin model TV-4200 desktop digital conference discussion system are selected, which could realize registration, speaking, voting, auto camera tracking and other functions, to meet the all-in-one demand from the customer.

Durable quality not only brings excellent user experience to the users, but also reduces considerable maintenance work and investment.

Nowadays, product quality is related with the rise and fall of the enterprise, and determines whether the enterprise has lasting competitiveness. GONSIN has been devoting itself to improving the quality of its product and service. Pursuit of perfect quality and win-win cooperation with clients is the faith that GONSIN has been insisting.


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【Ten-year Project】GONSIN Conference System in People’s Congress of Huanggang City

A distant journey tests the strength of a horse and time will prove the product’s quality. Customers pay for the product, and the recognition from customers counts on the product’s quality. 

GONSIN Conference System in People’s Congress of Huanggang City, Hubei Province, 2003 

On April 14th, 2003, the general office of People’s Congress of Huanggang City sent the customer’s feedback, with content as follow: Gonsin voting and discussion system has excellent performance. 

It has been 13 years since People’s Congress of Huanggang City purchased Gonsin conference system. In this project, GONSIN electronic voting system BJ-02 and wired conference discussion system GC-700K were combined to provide a whole solution. Thanks to the superior performance and excellent after-sale service, GONSIN has been popular in Huangwang city. The districts of Huanggang, Macheng county, Xishui county, Luotian county, Qichun county, Huangwei county, Hongan county and others began to install GONSIN voting and conference system one after another. GONSIN has gained customer’s recognition. 

People’s Congress of Huangwei 
(TL-700 Conference Discussion System and BJ-02 Wired Voting system) 

GONSIN Voting System BJ-02( People’s Congress of Huangwei County) 

People’s Congress of Hongan County 

People’s Congress of Luotian County 
(TL-700 Conference Discussion System and BJ-02 Wired Voting System) 

People’s Congress of Macheng County 

People’s Congress of Qichun County 
( BJ-W1 Wireless Voting System) 

People’s Congress of Xishui County 

Conference Room of the Standing Committee of People’s Congress of Huanggang City, 2015 

As a classic conference system of GONSIN, GX-700K ensured the smooth operation of every conference of People’s Congress of Huanggang and reduced massive system maintenance work, which is very cost effective. 

In 2015, Gonsin launched DCS-2021 economical paperless conference system to meet the demand of the AV market. At the design period of DCS-2021, Gonsin has defined it as a kind of modular product that meet various demands from customers. The so-called product modularization is that it divides the product into several parts, namely modules. Each module is an independent unit and the combination of modules could form the final product. With flexible module combination, it could create different products to meet different demands. The module design makes each part of the system more reasonable and scientific. The buyers do not need to pay for the unnecessary functions, and the system upgrade is also very flexibly. 

Good products come from the advanced technology and exquisite craftsmanship. GONSIN has prided itself on its independent innovation strategy and product differentiation strategy with independent intellectual property rights for its wide range of products. So far, it has won 52 patents including seven invention patents, utility model patents and appearance patents. 

GONSIN has mature system of quality assurance, including the management of development platform and independent quality control, regular professional skill training for staff and normalized production flow . These efforts will make the product quality controlled strictly. GONSIN insists in the principle of quality first, aiming to build a win-win relationship with customers.

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Friday, June 17, 2016

【Ten-year Project】People’s Congress of Tangshan City in Hebei Province

The standing committee of People’s Congress of Tangshan City and Customer’s Feedback

On 24th May 2002, the general office of the standing committee of People’ Congress of Tangshan City sent The System Operation Feedback to GONSIN which wrote: The multifunctional conference room of People’s Congress of Tangshan City applied GONSIN conference voting system and GONSIN conference discussion system which came with accurate voting results, clear sound, excellent performance.

The old GONSIN brand


In 2002, GONSIN brand was affiliated to the business division of Junhua Technology. As the products launched into market, Gonsin has received the recognition from many People’s Congresses. In December 2003, GONSIN has been established as a company, and focused on the R&D, manufacturing and sales of professional conference system. GONSIN’s products have entered all levels of party committees, people’s congresses, people’s political consultant conferences, governments and other public institutions. GONSIN has become  a famous leading brand in the conference system industry.
Since its establishment , Gonsin has been specialized in R&D, manufacturing and sales of digital conference equipment and has become a leading global conference system solution provider .  Besides, it is a state-level high-tech enterprise in China and a proud member of International Congress and Convention Association (ICCA), and so far has gained 52 patents including patents for inventions, utility model patients and design patents.

The standing committee of People’s Congress of Tangshan City

During 11 years,  the standing committee of People’s Congress of Tangshan City has witnessed the durable quality of Gonsin system. The after-sale staff of Gonsin has been continuing to provide technical support to the system. In 2013, when the committee was intending to upgrade conference system, Gonsin has been selected as the first choice. GONSIN BJ-W4 series wireless voting system was installed this time and the original GX-700K basic discussion system is still of service after 11-year-operation.

BJ-W4 wireless voting system is developed especially for  all levels of people’ s congress, party committees, people’s political consultant conferences and governments. No complicated wiring are needed. It utilizes DSSS( direct sequence spread spectrum) wireless communication technology which is of anti-interference, anti-multiparty-fading, strong confidentiality and high invisibility. The system could select the clear frequency point to ensure stable communication; window operation system and human-friendly human-machine interaction make it easy to use.

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Tuesday, June 7, 2016

【Ten-year Project】People’s Congress of Wenshan Autonomous Prefecture in Yunan Province

The Standing Committee of People’s Congress of Wenshan Autonomous Prefecture

Thirteen years ago, voting system was needed to be installed in the conference hall of the Standing Committee of People’s Congress of Wenshan Autonomous Prefecture. At that time, most People’s Congresses tended to use electronic voting system instead of raising hand. It was the year that wireless voting system experience activity, Gonsin’s products installed in people’s congress, was in full swing. Because GONSIN’s products met the demand of People’ s Congress of Wenshan Autonomous Prefecture, it has been a loyal customer of Gonsin since that year. The self-developed wireless voting system BJ-W1 has served attendants in People’s Congress of Wenshan Autonomous Prefecture for ten years.

The standing committee of People’s Congress of Wenshan Autonomous Prefecture in 2013

For During the ten years, the stable performance and excellent quality of Gonsin’s product has gained the recognition from the standing committee of people’s congress of Wenshan Autonomous Prefecture. In 2013, when clients wanted to update the conference room, Gonsin was selected as the equipment supplier again. What they selected was GONSIN 5600 series embedded voting system.

Durable and reliable quality not only brings outstanding user’s experience, but also enables the equipment operates stably. It ensures the smooth holding of every conference, cuts off system maintenance cost, saves the cost of upgrading equipments.

GONSIN 5600 series is digital flush-mount modular-designed conference system. It has five function modules, namely, basic discussion, interpretation, voting, extended hand-held voting and built-in loudspeaker. Each module can be separately used, or flexibly combined used. Besides, it could be integrated with paperless system to form more convenient conference system. It’s different design from tabletop microphone, fixed installing in tables, looks neat and tidy.

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