Monday, September 28, 2015

GONSIN Footprints all over One Belt and One Road

Introduction: In autumn 2013, General Chairman Xi Jinping advocated “ New Silk Road Economic Belt” and “21st-Century Maritime Silk Road” strategic conception; In the APEC Conference, General Chairman XI Jinping announced that China would contribute 40 billion to set up a Silk Road fund which can offer financial support the countries along the “ One Road and One Belt” in their national infrastructure, resource development, the industrial and financial cooperation; In May 2015, Vision and proposed actions outlined on jointed building Silk Road Economic Belt and 21st-Century Maritime Silk Road was issued and defined the infrastructure connection in One Road and One Belt as the priority. In June, Guangdong province the first one in the country issuing the construction implementation plan of One Road and One Belt. The infrastructure construction has been elevated to a strategic level again. 

Take the innovation as the core

As the main force of the conference system industry, GONSIN has positively responded to One Belt and One Road strategy and entered high-level international development platform. With the spirit of innovation, GONSIN has made technology breakthrough continually and received 41 patents including the patents for invention, utility model patents and appearance patents. GONSIN wireless digital conference voting system and DSSS wireless digital simultaneous interpretation received honors such as National Torch Project by National Technology Ministry, New Key Product of Guangdong Province by Science and Technology Department, Intelligent Building High Quality Product by the Intelligent Building Branch of Chinese Construction Association; The brand-new FS-FHSS selecting-and-hopping technology and wireless signal radiation precise control technology have even formed into a perfect solution when it comes to the complicated wireless environment and the application of multiple RF products in one site, which has elevated the technological research and the products into a new level.

Seize the opportunity, Optimize the market layout

As the issue of economic layout of One Belt and One Road, GONSIN follow the strategic pace of China and takes measures to improve the hard and soft power within the company. By the Elite Program, it conducts professional training to its staff and promote the their comprehensive ability. In the capital trend, it conducted shareholding reform and officially renamed as GONSIN Conference Equipment Co.,Ltd. ; it concentrates on innovation and research, and meanwhile, recruits talent to strengthen its team. It seizes the historical development opportunity , we shall not wait.

In China, before the issue of One Belt and One Road strategy , GONSIN has participated in construction of key projects located in the 18 provinces and 15 ports within the One Road and One Belt. For instances, Beijing Capital International Airport, Xinjing Autonomous Region International Airport, Fujian Xiaming Development Research Center, Guangxi Autonomous Region People’s Political Consultative Conference. GONSIN has provided the high-quality conference system product and service at the beginning of Guangdong Province Marine Silk Road Museum which is the shining pearl to commemorate the history and culture of the ancient marine silk road. GONSIN’s footprint has already been all over the One Belt and One Road economic zone. 

Overseas, since 2004, GONSIN has exported it products. Its voting system has been the national gift that is presented to Parliament of Moldova by China’s Ministry of Commerce which successfully opened up the oversea market. With rapid 11 years development, GONSIN has register GONSIN brands in more than 60 nations and regions. The products has been successfully applied to 4th United Nation on LDC, World Heritage Committee, Organization of American States and others high-end projects. GONSIN has exported its products to more than 130 countries. In the oversea market list issued by GONSIN, we can find out that there are many impressive key projects on the economic zone of One Belt and One Road, such as Eurasian Continent Cooperation Fund Organization, National Tax Tower of Tajikistan, European Regional Office of World Custom Organization, African Union and European Union Cooperation Conference, Institute for Kazakhstan Citizen Economy, Turkey Government, Russian Government, Kenyan National Assembly, Indonesia National Stadium, Vietnam UNDP and etc. 

Financial Times of England once published an article pointing out that to implement One Belt and One Road, Chinese companies and local governments are the key power. They need to attach more importance to Five-have, namely, Content, Quality, Brand, Popularity, Talent. GONSIN has insisted the cooperate motto of “ Delivering Trust & Value”, with the company mission as “Build bridges of highly effective communication in global perspective”. GONSIN will follow the pace of national strategy, upgrade its concept and brave to innovate. It would positivity expand it distribution in One Belt and One Road. GONSIN have seized the development opportunity and contributes to the One Belt and One Road economic zone. 

One Belt and One Road——GONSIN Project Cases


Beijing Jinghan Group

Xijing Yili People’s Conference

Kazakhstan Tashkent Government

Turkey Ankara City Hall

Russian Government 

Xiaming Siming District People’s Conference

Indonesia National Stadium 

Kenyan Conference Center 

Greek Kos Island City Hall

Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Paperless conference mode adopted by Southern Publishing and Media

Established in 2009, Southern Publishing and Media Co,. Ltd. is the joint stock company founded by Guangdong Province Publishing Group with its productive assets and business, it has twenty members. Its main business is composed of edition, publication and retail, from books, journals, internet reading materials and other media products. Southern Publishing and Media has been the most vigorous and growing publishing media enterprise, the important southern base for the Chinese publishing industry. 

With the improving modernization and informatization, as the significant component of the business communication of companies, conferences could not satisfy the need of companies with its old mode. In order to improve the conference efficiency, realize the effective communication and form the team spirit, in order to create the high-efficient and convenient office environment and meet the outside business communication conference demand and to build the company’s brand, Southern Publishing and Media Co,. Ltd. comes out with higher demand for the conference mode. Before that, it has used the GONSIN discussion system for years. The products run smoothly. Under the above circumstances, the user prefers to adopt GONSIN’s products again. As the leading provider of the complete conference system solution in the industry, it offers the latest professional paperless conference system solution after fully communication with Southern Publishing and Media.

That solution utilizes the DCS-2021 economic paperless conference system that GONSIN developed independently. Its character is that its modularizing design can meet the various need from the customers. By DCS-2021 basic discussion terminal, it can realize speaking, request to speak, listening, auto tracking camera functions. According to the request from the customer of the external functions, the system utilizes the paperless conference terminal to realize the paperless multimedia function. 

When it comes to design of the paperless multi-media functions, GONSIN collects enormous information in the market and designs several sections in a scientific and systemic way. The participant just need to enter the password matched with the ID to log in, which could realize the registration, voting, evaluation, scoring; all statistics of the conference could be displayed on the extended terminal. The end-user can sort through the data and files within their rights at any time. By the extended terminal, it allows the end-user to choose the simultaneous interpretation channel and displays the languages names. It offers call service. The conference digital files management function makes the conference work easier. It comes out with many speaking modes. The system is second to none when it comes with the humanization. Strong supporting functions makes the cumbersome conference work simple and high-efficient. The printed consumable could be transformed into digital documents, which is absolutely in line with the green society development trend.

Considering that the invited people need to speak when it is applied, the solution is composed of GONSING DCS-3021 wireless digital conference system on purpose to ensure the flexibility of the conference equipment. That system utilizes FS-FHSS selecting-and-hopping technology innovated by GONSIN. Its carrier frequency is 2.4GHz. It does not need to be installed, or fitted with other equipment. It is the wireless discussion system that just requires people to lay it out. It could operate with one server, one wireless access point and conference microphones. It specifically suited to the temporary conference place.

DCS-2021 congress terminal

1. Extending the paperless function by extended terminals of paperless conference

2. USB extended voting

3. The audio and sensitivity of the microphone could be adjusted one by one or together

4. Distributed power and intelligent grouping management

5. Volume adjustment of the built-in loudspeaker from 0 to 8 level

6. One-pieced touch panel

7. CD-quality sound

8. 32 wired simultaneous interpretation channels

9. Intelligent voice-activated
10.Within 8 in 1 out SD video tracking matrix, HD camera is supported

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Sunday, September 20, 2015

GONSIN assists central delegation to visit Changdou Tibet

Introduction: This year is the 50th anniversary of the foundation of Tibet autonomous region. For 50 years, with the care from the Party Central Committee and the strong support from people across China, the people from all ethnic groups of Tibet has made remarkable achievement in all fields while working hard in unity and advancing with giant strides on the socialist broad way.

Sept 8, the celebration meeting of the 50th anniversary of the foundation of Tibet autonomous region

Sept 9, Liuyandong visited the villager of the Daruo village in Changdou 

From September 9 to September 10, Liuyandong, the member of the political bureau of the central committee of the communist party of China, State Council Vice Premier, deputy head of the central delegation, leaded the group of the Central delegation to visit the people from all ethnic groups of Changdou and to give the gift plaque signed by the General Chairman Xijinping “ Strengthening ethnic unity, Building beautiful Tibet”. He also attended the celebration forum of the 50th anniversary of the foundation of the Tibet autonomous region and talked with people and extend his regards to them. In the forum, Liuyandong spoke highly of the all work in Changdou including the construction of the economic development of the Chanddou, the reconstruction of old city and shanty town, the building of new villages, the educational development, the convenience police station and so on. He fully affirmed the great achievement of the people of all ethnics in Changdou. 

Conference room in the people’s government building in Changdou
In order to better prepare the significant day of the 50th foundation of Tibet autonomous region, Changdou government has carried out the work in the first half year. GONSIN has been the leading provider of the complete solution in the conference system industry. After received the order of the Changdou government that the central delegation would hold a forum about the 50th anniversary of Tibet autonomous region, GONSIN offered the best audio-video solution. By the demand of end-users, several conference rooms could run independently without any interference. The sound quality is excellent, the system could realize the discussion, registration and others functions, more functions could be realized in short time if needed. According to the building situation, it selected the GONSIN TL-4200 digital conference discussion system. The system runs stably with clear sound. Since the successful application in Lhasa comprehensive pavilion, TL-4200 has reached this majestic land and contributed to building the beautiful Tibet again

 Lhasa Comprehensive Pavilion 
Lhasa comprehensive pavilion is an enormous comprehensive city pavilion. In this pavilion, there are Lhasa Archives, Lhasa city planning exhibit, Lhasa city building Archives and the press center. That pavilion is one of the key projects in Tibet.


Since launched in the market, TL-4200 has successfully applied to many high-rank conference centers, national parliaments and international conferences, and won the praises from various users. The basic discussion unity can realize talking, request-to-talk, listening and automate tracking camera functions. It also could realize registration, voting, election, appraisal and simultaneous interpretation with the corresponding extended functions such as discussion voting unit, discussion simultaneous interpretation unit and discussion simultaneous interpretation voting unit. The system can be activated by voice. The sensitivity of voice control can be adjusted in order to make it easy to use not only for the normal user but also the visual impaired. 

The project cases of 4200 discussion system

National Assembly of the republic of Ecuador
 Parliament of Congo

Sudan Friendship Hall
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Monday, September 14, 2015

The 70th military parade, more options for simultaneous interpretation

The military parade that commemorated the 70th anniversary of victory of  the Chinese war of resistance to Japanese aggression and the world war against fascism, has ended perfectly in Tiananmen Square Beijing. In this high-profile military parade, Chinese government invited leaders and delegation from many countries to attend this elaborate memorial and added an amazing chapter to the world peaceful development. 
Every national ceremony need entertainmentprofessional audio and video devices application and technology support. Likewise, in this 70th anniversary military parade, it applied various professional audio-video and entertainment equipment, this application makes significant contribution to the success of the military parade!
In this memorial, there are dozens of digital infrared radiators installed in the Tiananmen’s rostrum and parade viewing stand beneath the rostrum. More than one thousand digital infrared simultaneous interpretation receivers were used. 

How to apply the Infrared simultaneous interpretation equipment outdoors has been a problem in the industry. Because of the physical character of the infrared ray itself, it was very sensitive to interference from the sun light and high-frequency light sources. Because its wave length is short, when it meets obstacles, its ability to diffract is poor, it only meet the demand of line-of-sight transmission. Although infrared ray can reflect to some extent, its auxiliary effect is limited. However, as the development of the IR technology and the application of more supporting technical means, there has been the breakthrough that applying the IR simultaneous interpretation equipment outdoors is feasible. In the 70th anniversary military parade, the application of the IR simultaneous interpretation outdoors has been one of these classic cases.

In fact, before the application in this military parade, in this industry, GONSIN’s IR simultaneous interpretation products have already applied outdoors. In the independence day ceremony of Georgia, IR simultaneous interpretation system from GONSIN had successfully applied in the outdoor sunlight environment. During the ceremony, the IR simultaneous interpretation system runs steadily with clear sound. The head of state other important leaderworthies and the invited foreign guests jointly attended the ceremony.  

With the changing technological development, the old cognition based on outdated technique has been broken continually. In the 70th anniversary military parade, the application of the IR simultaneous interpretation system has broken the old cognition that IR products are difficult to be used in sunlight outdoor environment. On that occasion, when it comes to the complicated wireless environment on the scene, is it possible that we can break the cognition that radio frequency simultaneous interpretation is not the ideal choice in the complicated wireless environment? The brand new FS-FHSS wireless simultaneous interpretation from GONSIN has more technical means and solution in this aspect. 

With the changing technological development, the old cognition based on outdated technique has been broken continually. In the 70th anniversary military parade, the application of the IR simultaneous interpretation system has broken the old cognition that IR products are difficult to be used in sunlight outdoor environment. On that occasion, when it comes to the complicated wireless environment on the scene, is it possible that we can break the cognition that radio frequency simultaneous interpretation is not the ideal choice in the complicated wireless environment? The brand new FS-FHSS wireless simultaneous interpretation from GONSIN has more technical means and solution in this aspect. 

The brand new FS-FHSS( wireless digital simultaneous interpretation system from GONSIN, is the product that GONSIN makes technological breakthrough and innovates to update its products, with the base on the mutual DSSS wireless digital simultaneous interpretation system. GONSIN FS-FHSS wireless digital simultaneous interpretation adapts FS-FHSS select-and-hop technology and wireless signal radiation precise control technology, it is a perfect solution when it comes with the complicated wireless environment and the scene that many radio frequency products work together.

Firs of all, FS-FHSS( Frequency Select--Frequency Hopping Spread Spectrum)  wireless digital simultaneous interpretation adopts the select-and-hop technology. It can automatically  monitor the 2.4G radio frequency source. And then according to the monitoring, the system can distribute available frequency point reasonably. During the operation, it adopts the reliable select-and-hop double mechanism which avoids the interference from the same frequency efficiently. Meanwhile, the system adopts the high-efficiency scalable lossless audio coding technology, realizes that eight channels CD-quality audio just occupies 2MHZ radio frequency bandwidth, which dramatically improves the utilization rate of frequency brand source. Secondly, FS-FHSSS simultaneous interpretation has adopted the advanced multipolarized intelligent antenna utilizing the perpendicular decline technology, equipped with software to analogous compute and auxiliary compensates by system power, which can precisely control the radiation signal to the designated area, and can efficiently reduce the interference from other wireless signal in the scene. 

With the analysis of the  military parade scene that a large number of the wireless devices have been applied, each square applies the SennheiserEM3732/EM3732-II wireless microphone, this microphone adopts U frequency band which would not be interfered with 2.4 G band. But FS-FHSS wireless digital simultaneous interpretation adopts international open 2.4G band with less than 0.1 W transmitting power, which conforms with the regulations from the National Radio Administration Bureau of Ministry of Information Industry of PRC. FS-FHSS wireless digital simultaneous interpretation adopts precisely controlling wireless radio signal technology which can control the radiation signal to transmit in the designated area precisely and further ensure that FS-FHSS simultaneous interpretation would not interfere with the military wireless equipment in the scene.   
According to the simultaneous interpretation application area above, the parade viewing stand just need to deploy one server, ten wireless simultaneous interpretation access points and the corresponding receivers.
FS-FHSS wireless digital simultaneous interpretation also allows 2.4G wireless signal transmit at all-direction, which significantly improves the coverage of signal and is free of interference from sunlight. It can be install with tripod directly without any ceiling. Each area just need to be installed two WAP-30I wireless simultaneous interpretation access points, which can meet the demand of stable transmission on the scene. However, in order to offset the sunlight interference and one-direction transmission, dozens of IR radiators need to be installed in the scene to meet the transmission demand of the IR simultaneous interpretation devices. When it comes to the installation of massive IR radiators, the multipath signal attenuation that could disturb the receiving effect from those IR radiators should be considered. At the same time, adjusting the consistency of the IR radiators when they are installed, how to control the voice delay and other installation solutions would be enormous challenges for the technicians. It would be extremely difficult to deploy and debug.    

As we sigh for the quick-changing development of technology, what is more urgent is that we should break the fixed mind-set formed by the long working experience. Nothing is fixed, everything is possible. 

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Friday, September 11, 2015

【Elite Program】Profession comes with trust

In order to offer the better service for the customer and create the marketing atmosphere as “ Everyone could train, Everyone is an instructor”, GONSIN launched the training lessons about consultative selling. The one-month training activity has ended in September 9. The aim of this activity is to improve the sellers’ understanding on the functioncharactersolution of products, makes every salesman offer the best consultative service for customers. 

By this training, sale staff have repositioned themselves from only selling products to focusing on the need from the customers. Answering questions has been the main rhyme in classroom. Sale staff from GONSIN not only have passion, but also are beyond average. They not only offer advice but also work as consultants. They are confident and at the service for the customers.

Profession comes with trust. GONSIN has believed that only the professional team can win in the future. GONSIN has focuses on cultivating talents and improving the professional quality of its staff. At the same time, GONSIN has continued to introduce advanced technology and develop new products. “ Building professional team, Offering professional service.” Attaching enough importance to the true needs of the customers, offering complete solution and product from the perspective of customers, building up the long-term win-win cooperative relationship with customers, not only is the promise from GONSIN to its customer, but also is the belief that GONSIN has held. It is with this belief that GONSIN could march in the competitive environment. 
Elite ProgramTraining activities would be continued. GONSIN professional team could bring you more surprises!  

Tuesday, September 1, 2015

GONSIN—National brand fuels “China Dream”

                     GONSIN—National brand fuels “China Dream”

     —the Commemoration of the 70th anniversary of the Victory of War of Resistance again Japan

Introduction : September 3, 2015, is the 70th anniversary of the victory of world anti-fascist war, and is the 70th anniversary of the victory of the Chinese people's war of resistance against Japan also. The great victory in 70 years ago that will decide the fate of the world, will be branded in the hearts of people's who love peace and justice. China's war of resistance against Japan is the great victory because of the Chinese nation unity and the bloody fighting, and is also the great victory of the side-by-side fighting of Chinese and world anti-fascist Allies. 

On November 20, 1945, the first international court of justice - Nuremberg international military court opened the court session, 21 war criminals out of 23 who were identified as war criminal by the Allies were on the judgment seats, including former Nazi marshal Hermann Goering, Hitler's deputy Rudolf Hess Martin, Hitler's secretary Bormann, Nazi foreign minister Ribbentrop. After 218 days of trials, 18 Nazis was convicted of war crimes and crimes against humanity, among them, 11 Nazis were sentenced to death. 

                                                              Nuremberg Trials
Nuremberg Trials were conducted in English, French, Russian and German, and adopted the simultaneous interpretation that was never used before, in order to save time. Before that, the international interpretation thought simultaneous interpretation was not possible. In the past, the only way was the consecutive interpretation, namely the speaker said a sentence and stopped, let the interpreter interpret the sentence. It was until 1945 that after World War II in the Nuremberg Trials, the true simultaneous interpretation appeared. Compared to the consecutive interpretation, the simultaneous interpretation could save half time. Because the trial time was long and the trial was difficult, there was a strict examination held in the university of Geneva interpreting institute to select the interpreter. At that time, because the technology was not mature and the system often paralyzed with sound problem, the interpreter needed to deal with situation which caused some considerable troubles for the interpreters. Many interpreter quitted, which constantly required new interpreter to join in. After the Nuremberg Trials, Tokyo Trials enabled the simultaneous interpretation equipment. 

Nowadays, the simultaneous interpretation system has been widely adopted to various international conferences. After seventy years’ development, the research of simultaneous interpretation has various technology deposition. The technology and products have realized the leap-type development. In recent years, the simultaneous interpretation system equipment has several applied technologies: Infrared communication technology, the Direct Sequence Spread Spectrum technology( DSSS wireless digital communication technology) and the latest FS-FHSS(Frequency Selection - Frequency Hopping Spread Spectrum). 

As the leading provider of the complete conference system solutions in this industry and the established national brand, GONSIN products cover eight products series such as voting system, discussion system, simultaneous interpretation system, registration system, central control system, conference broadcasting system, remote video conference system and conference management software. With 12 years of stable development, GONSIN has been a national brand of global conference system and sold its products to over 130 countries and regions. It has been a national high-tech enterprise, the international conference equipment and technology supporter member of ICCA(International Conference and Convention Association). In the filed of simultaneous interpretation, GONSIN has been outstanding performance, in 2008,GONSIN wireless digital simultaneous interpretation system won the honor of “ 2008-2009 National Torch Program Project”. For years, GONSIN’s wireless digital simultaneous interpretation system has been applied to World Heritage Committee’s 34th Session, 37th Session of Organization of American States, World Summit of Legislators, Sudan Friendship Hall, Asia-Pacific Chiefs of Defense Conference and others important international conferences and large scale conference centers. 

Since the 18th National Congress of Communist Party of China, General Secretary Xijinping has put forward the important guiding ideology of realizing “China Dream”. “ China Dream” is to realize Chinese nation's great rejuvenation, to let the country prosperous and strong, to rejuvenate the nation, to let people happy. GONSIN believes that only every Chinese contributes, only the enterprise insists on the independent innovation development strategy, China and GONSIN can better develop sustainably. In order to realize “China Dream”, GONSIN team keeps on working hard. 

Today’s peaceful life is not easy, remember the history and do not forget the national humiliation. We commemorate the 70th anniversary of the victory of war of resistance against Japan, not to refresh that brutal history, but to remind us to keep in mind that legging behind leaves one vulnerable to attacks, to strive to be strong , to work hard for realizing the great rejuvenation of China. 

                                                              World Summit of Legislators
                                                 World Heritage Committee’s 34th session

GONSIN products have been in Tibet. How about you?