Monday, October 24, 2016

GONSIN Products Being Popular in Canton Fair

Although there are rain from typhoon, oversea buyers have enter Canton Fair to look for ideal supplier. By visiting, inquiries, comparison, buyers will decide their cooperation partner. GONSIN has made a good impression on numerous buyers and build up its brand. 

Compared to professional exhibitions customers in Canton Fair are not familiar with the conference systems, which require more time to explain. However, our sales have won praises from their sincerity. Every success comes from the tiny effort, GONSIN has cherished every chance to communicate with our clients. 

Service with heart, build up our brand, our team has fulfilled our mission as Building bridges of highly effective communication in global perspective 

GONSIN has owned ISO 9001:2008 certification for its quality management system and CE, FCC, CCC certification for its product lines. GONSIN has already registered its trademarks in more than 60 countries around the world. GONSIN products have equipped many high-end international conferences such as the United Nations conference on LDCs, UNECSO World Heritage Committee annual session, Organization of American States general assembly, Mercosur Presidential Summit, and World Summit of Legislators. GONSIN has shipped to more than 130 countries, and has completed thousands of important projects worldwide, with diversified portfolio of endusers including governments, parliaments, convention centres, courthouses, military forces, hotels, schools, hospitals, churches and corporations.


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Sunday, October 23, 2016

Chinese National Brand, Shines in 2016 BRICS Summit——Gonsin’s Contribution to the 8th BRICS Summit

Introduction: The 8th BRICS summit has been held on October 15-16 in Goa, India. In the summit, the Goa Declaration acknowledges that the five BRICS nations facing increasing emerging challenges to global peace and security which hinder sustainable development. 

At the 10th anniversary of establishment, BRICS leaders gathered in India and discussed corporation. In the plenary secession of BRICS, President Xi Jinping delivered an important speech about the fruitful achievements of BRICS cooperation in the last 10 years, and the suggestions for BRICS countries cooperation on dealing with international challenges. 

As the largest economy in BRICS group, China plays important role to promoting the developing countries to expand their rights to speak in the international community. China is becoming stronger and stronger, so are Chinese enterprises. Many Chinese companies have developed their international business around the world. GONSIN, is one of them, has registered its trademark in more than 60 countries so far, and supplied products in more than 130 countries and regions, which makes GONSIN one of the best providers for complete conference system solutions. 

GONSIN, as one of five global members from ICCA for international conference system and technical support, has supplied professional conference system in 2016 BRICS Summit. 

GONSIN TL-6000 digital conference system, as classic model, have been selected in the summit. This model has been also equipped in National Assembly of the Republic of Ecuador, Northern Forum 9th General Assembly, the 11th Chiefs of Defense Conference In Asian and Pacific Area, Supreme Court of Ajay City and other high-rank conference venues. It has very stable performance, and win customers’ satisfactions all these years. 

National Assembly of the Republic of Ecuador 

Constituent Assembly of the Republic of Ecuador 

In 2007, National Assembly of the Republic of Ecuador started using GONSIN TL-6000 conference system. After 9 years of regular operation, the system is still stable working with excellent performance, which gained good recognition from the authority. In 2012, National Assembly continued selecting GONSIN for system upgrading, due to GONSIN good product record. The previous TL-6000 conference system are installed in government offices for continuous use till now. 

In 2009, Manizales Parliament in Colombia selected GONSIN TL-6000 conference system. There are many conference holding all these years, GONSIN products have proved itself for excellent performance. Besides, GONSIN provides regular after-sale service for software upgrading and guidance for hardware maintenance, which win user’s satisfaction. GONSIN is not only keeping innovative for new technology for new customers’ requirements, but also caring old customers’ needs. Customer is most important for us, and we keep delivering trust and value. 

More projects with GONSIN TL-6000: 

Northern Forum 9th General Assembly 

Shanghai Rural Commercial Bank 


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Wednesday, October 19, 2016

Top Design Company, Top Judges, Top Product by GONSIN—The Father of Chinese Industry Design Guides in Person

With rapid development of world economy, current industry products has transformed itself from simply function meeting demand to multi requirements, more human-friendly, comfortableness,security and excellent user experience. The market competition no longer lies in the product function, technology and price, but also is the comprehensive overall competition. As Apple rises, product design is the key to win in homogeneous competitions. Put it in another words, industry design is one of the core ways for innovation.

By industry design, GONSIN can promote product innovation, set up the company brand, increase additional value and make it more competitive. 

GONSIN prides itself on its independent innovation strategy and product differentiation strategy ever since its inception, with independent intellectual property rights for its wide range of products. In recent years, GONSIN has launched ten series of new products including voting, discussion, simultaneous interpretation, paperless conference. They has drawed much attention from the marekt. In 2016, what GONSIN does is just one thing-pursuing more superior product, better quality ans after-sale service. 

‘Devotion makes profession’ is fundamental for GONSIN develop in the market. In 2017 the GONSIN will launch more competitive products. We work hard only for the best products! GONSIN invites Professor Liu Guangzhong, the father of Chinese industry design, NieXiRui, the general secretary of Shunde Industry Association, Yinxiaoli, general manager of Qianlong Industry Design Company to be the judges. They will judge the designs from several companies. 

In this meeting, Shao Youjie, marketing manager of GONSIN, introduced the judges and the judge rules. And then, other companies illustrated and presented their design solution one by one. In the end, judges discussed, reviewd and graded solutions. 

The goal of this product design is to strengthen the product innovation, especially the product industry design ability. To relocate the product and build up a new product framework, responses to the challenges in 2017 positively. 

GONSIN has dedicated itself in conference system sector for years, tried to produce the best product, which has already gained wide recognition in the industry. Strain after being perfect in every link, keeping customer’s needs in mind, GONSIN will grow with customers. 

Professor Liu Guangzhon Visited GONSIN Showroom

Professor Liu Guangzhon Visited GONSIN Showroom


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Sunday, October 16, 2016

GONSIN, Best Solution!

Introduction: Guiyang, the capital of Guizhou province, is an important innovative central city,and national comprehensive railway terminal. What is more, it is the national big data industry cluster district, the leading big data technology innovation and application service demonstration base. 

The official in charge of the conferences of the CPC Guiyang Political and Legal affair Committee, has consulted GONSIN on how to build up one full set conference system covering all sub-offices in three counties and six districts. 

Aimed to the demand from the CPC Guiyang Political and Legal affair Committee and its sub-offices, GONSIN technicians has designed one full set conference system solution including discussion system, PA system, display system and remote conferencing system. 

When it comes to the remote video conferencing system for multiple offices, GONSIN has a long-tested complete solution which not only meets the demand of holding local conferences, but offers real-time connection with remote video conferences and function extension. Users can share audio, video, data and files easily and synchronously, which significantly saves resources and reduces time cost for traveling, boosts working efficiency. 

Product features:
Low sensitiveness for mobile phone interference
Pluggable microphone stem
Support multiple chairmen and vice chairmen
The central unit equips the SD camera tracking system and supports the extended HD camera.

The CPC Guiyang Political and Legal Affair Committee Command and Dispatch Hall has conference discussion system, PA system, display system, remote video conferencing system. Its sub-offices have been equipped with GONSIN TL-3200 desktop digital conference system. Participants have communications with the command and dispatch hall simply by TL-3200 conference discussion unit and remote video conference system. 

Chinese President Xi Jinping Met Russian President Putin in Turkey 

Financial Department of Ivory Coast 

Yantai CBD Venture Building 


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