Tuesday, August 30, 2016

GONSIN FS-FHSS Interpretation System Assistance for the Harmonious Development of Silk Road Economic Zone

Introduction: Recently, Gonsin has installed FS-FHSS simultaneous interpretation system in the multi-function conference hall of  Shuangcheng Hotel, which  belongs to the state-own assets supervisory committee of Turpan, locates in cultural industry park as a landmark building, and covers more than 70,000 square meters. 

From ancient times, Turpan is the key town in silk road for culture exchange between China and the West. It’s a diverse society with multiple minorities. The main languages are Chinese and Uygur, there are other ethnic languages including Tujia language, Manchu language and etc. The multilingual communication is common here. As the Belt and Road Initiatives carried on, Xingjiang autonomous region accelerates the core economic zone construction in Silk Road. Turpan, as the key point in Silk Road, is the key point for the whole strategy. The Shuangcheng Hotel as the important conference venue, will make contributions for the economic development for Turpan.  


Project Sketch: 

The multi-function conference hall can contain 500 people to hold a large conference. Two affiliated conference rooms are 40 square meter respectively, it is 15 meters between the multi-function conference hall and conference rooms, which requires trans-area signal transmission.  

1.Support multilingual communication, modulate interpretation channel for each language 
2.Excellent tone quality, high fidelity, strong anti-interference 
3.Stable communication, the effective area covers the conference hall and affiliated conference rooms 
4.One system to fulfill all functions, for simple management 
5.Simple system configuration, convenient installation 
6.Excellent product craftsmanship and technical support 

Product selection: 
After we understand customer’s requirement and current status, we find out it is important for us to design a set of wireless simultaneous interpretation system solution. Nowadays, there are two kinds of wireless simultaneous interpretation technologies, namely,  IR and RF. 

IR simultaneous interpretation advantage: high confidentiality, stable communication  

RF simultaneous interpretation advantage: large signal coverage, strong anti-interference capability 

Considering various technical factors, application environment and function requirements, GONSIN team has provided a set of solution based on FS-FHSS simultaneous interpretation system for Shuangcheng Hotel. 

FS-FHSS interpretation system utilizes GONSIN self-developed FS-FHSS technology.  This brandnew wireless digital communication technology is developed from the hopping communication technology with frequency selection technology. The system automatically detects and selects the frequency spectrum, ensure the selected frequency spectrum is clear. The frequency-selecting and frequency-hopping double mechanism makes stable communication. 

As a new RF simultaneous interpretation system, it comes with several advantages as below: 

One wireless AP supports 8 interpretation channels, the whole system support up to 16 channels ( 1 floor audio + 15 interpretation channels). Less wireless AP, less investment 

The effective distance for signal transmission is 50-500 meters, which agrees with different conference venues in all scales. It suits rental market perfectly. The customized version can cover 2,000 meters; One wireless AP can cover the whole conference venue. If use IR simultaneous interpretation system, it will need several IR radiators installing. 

RF transmission will not be blocked by any object, immune to the light source interference including sunlight. More simple installation and debugging, make the installation quickly, suitable for outdoor conference venue. 

Exclusive digital audio coding and decoding technology, AES encryption and grouping techniques, ensure the data security 

FS-FHSS Simultaneous Interpretation System in India Mass Religion Rally 

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Tuesday, August 23, 2016

GONSIN Conference System Installed in Public Security Bureau of Xiangtan City

Public Security Bureau of Xiangtan City is mainly responsible to carry on the public security policies from the party and government, and monitor the public security in the city. It has been moved to its new office building on July 6th, 2016 . For better  internal communication from multiple departments, and more efficient operation new office building open tender for conference system. GONSIN, as one of the famous professional audio and video conference system branding, has successfully won the bid, and completed the installing with its professional team and excellent products. 


Users’ requirements: 
1.Reliable, stable performance, easy operation and maintenance; 
2.Easy setup, direct use after connection, without regular debugging 
3.The ability of extending more functions, ensure potential function requirements 
4.Harmony design with conference venue, elegant and practical 

Conference Venues: 
Lecture hall: The multi-step conference room for holding various conferences, academic discussion, report, news release, education and training 
Conference Rooms (4 nos): square conference rooms for multi-side discussion, policy decision, voting and etc. 

Product Selection: 
Considering various demands from different conference venues, GONSIN design team has provided one combined solution with flush-mount TL-5600 basic discussion system, as main product, and tabletop TL-4200 digital discussion system. 

GONSIN TL-5600 series is flush-mount digital conference system with combined functions, including five function modules: namely basic discussion module, simultaneous interpretation modules, voting module, extended handheld voting module, and loudspeaker. All these modules can be separated or flexibly combined use, easy setup according to conference requirements. 

TL-5600 flush-mount basic discussion module can realize speak, request to speak and auto camera tracking functions. The simultaneous interpretation modules can support up to 6 channels wired interpretation, the participants can listen to the selected language channel with earphones; the voting module can realize registration, voting, election, evaluation, grading functions; the loudspeaker can be added according to venue needs; basic discussion module comes with a extended interface for the plug-and-play handheld voting module to realize registration, voting, election, evaluation functions; the system can be voice-activated, in voice-activated mode, the mic is activated automatically when the participant speaks. The sensitivity for voice-activated mode is adjustable, which makes the system convenient not only for the normal participants, but for the visually impaired people. 

TL-4200  is a classic desktop conference system, which suits fixed or half-fixed installation conference venues. In this project case,  the seat arrangement in stage could be adjusted,  client demands the system cables should be easily connected. Therefore, GONSIN TL-4200 is selected. The basic discussion unit can realize speak, auto camera tracking and other functions; the upgraded versions can realize registration, voting, election, evaluation, simultaneous interpretation function; the unit comes with built-in speaker, headset jack, volume adjustment switch; 1-4 delegate units can be turned on simultaneously, expect for chairman and vice-chairman units; The microphone can be voice-activated; This model have black and silver color. 

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Tuesday, August 16, 2016

Without Prehistoric Power, Simultaneous Interpretation by Gonsin in Massive Rally is Still Easy

On August 8th, Chinese swimmer Fu Yuanhui swam into the women's 100m backstroke final with 58.95 seconds in the semifinal, setting her personal best in the game. When the CCTV reporter informed her about the lap time, Fu's eyes suddenly widened and said: "I am very satisfied with my performance and I thought it was 59 seconds."

When asked whether she held back for the final, Fu replied, "No, I utilized my 'prehistoric' power." 

The so-called “prehistoric power” goes viral! Suddenly, Fu has become the internet celebrity and her Sina Weibo, a twitter-like social media , has gained more than 900,000 "likes" and 160,000 comments. 

Most Chinese first heard of the phrase “prehistoric power” from the TV series Huaqiangu , however , what does the “prehistoric power” mean? To put it simply, it means to spare, no effort to, or try one’s best to do something. 

In Audio and video industry, many technicians have been distressed by the huge workload of a massive outdoor activity. Without “ prehistoric power”, it is difficult to make the work done smoothly. However, GONSIN would like to present you with--

Super large activity with tens of thousands persons, GONSIN makes it easy!

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GONSIN 5600 Series Installed in China Mobile in Anyang, Henan

Introduction: Recently, GONSIN has successfully upgraded the multifunctional conference system in China Mobile Anyang Branch. Established in 1999, China Mobile Anyang Branch has six sales departments, and is responsible for business operation and after-sale service in the rural area and five counties. 

With the rapid yearly-expanding business covering more regions, Anyang branch has preliminarily established the advanced intelligent mobile communication network. In order to improve the service quality and strengthen the internal communication and coordination, Anyang branch has upgraded the multifunctional conference system in six sales departments. 


China Mobile, Anyang Branch 

Hua County Branch 

Linzhou Branch 

Neihuang branch

Customers’ requirements: 
1. Embedded installation, in harmony with venue design 
2. Extendable for more functions, ensure potential function requirements 
3. Stable and reliable performance, easy to operate and maintain 
4. High cost effective 
5. Excellent performance for amplifier system, without poor sound effect such as distortion, mixing, echo 
6. Power amplifier system ensures stable power output 

Product Selection: 

Conference Discussion System 

According to Anyang branch requirement, GONSIN design team provides combination solution of TL- 5600 series conference system, flush-mount design. GONSIN 5600 series is flush-mount, module-combination system, including five function modules : basic discussion module , simultaneous interpretation module, voting module, extended handheld voting module, speaker module. All these separated modules can be flexibly combined, which is easy to increase or reduce the functions. The powerful equipments can also fulfill future function expanding. 

TL-5600 discussion module can realize speak, request-to-speak, auto camera tracking function. The simultaneous interpretation module can realize wired interpretation for 6 channels , participants insert headphone to select and hear translation, and adjust channel volume; the voting module fulfills registration, voting, election, evaluation, grading functions; loudspeaker module can be added according to venue requirement; the discussion module comes with a extended interface, which is for the plug-and-play handheld voting module for registration, voting, election, evaluation function; the system can be voice-activated. In voice-activated mode, the microphone can be auto-activated when user speak into mic; the sensitivity of voice-activated is adjustable, which makes it more user friendly for normal users and the visually impaired people. 

Conference PA System 

GONSIN PA1002 PA system utilizes multifunctional TRS&XLR integrated socket, convenient for signal input. The circuit structure is H type circuit with high heat emission efficiency; Stereo, parallel, bridging for signal output; the system utilizes power soft start, DC protection, short circuit protection, overheating protection and overload protection; LED indicator for all kinds of functions 

GONSIN GX-SP1010 PA system comes with built-in 10 inches built-in two way full range speaker, applies three-point product-o-rial system, suitable to various conference venues. There is environment black water paint in the appearance with high abrasion resistance. 

As business growing, Anyang branch makes good use of multifunctional digital conference system for multiple-sides communication, which improves the whole coordination of the company. GONSIN insists on building conference bridge for customers and help every customer to establish an efficient team to create more wealth. 

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GONSIN DCS-3021 Congress System Introduction

Wednesday, August 3, 2016

New Beginning, New Mission, New Journey, GONSIN New Headquarter

On July 26th, 2016, GONSIN has moved to its new headquarter.

In the opening ceremony, Gonsin general manager, Mr.Huang,Huabao, has encouraged every Gonsin team members to be high-motivated and responsible for work, with high spirit to start the new journey.

GONSIN history review for the last thirteen years developments:

Gonsin launch first wireless voting system nationwide;
Gonsin is the first one to adopt DSSS wireless technology in simultaneous interpretation system;
Gonsin is the first one to adopt self-developed FS-FHSS technology in conference system and simultaneous interpretation system;
Gonsin equipment is equipped successfully in the 4th United Nation LDC conference, , World Heritage Committee, 2015 G20 Summit in Turkey;
Within professional conference system industry, GONSIN is first company listed in NEEQ (National Equities Exchange and Quotations) in 2015;
Gonsin moved new headquarter in 2016;
Each footprint is a milestone in our company history..
For better future development, we move new headquarter, this not only provides comfortable offices for staff, but also remarks we are in the right track for rapid development. We truly believe, Gonsin’s future shall be more and more prosperous.

New Beginning, New Mission, New Journey, since listed in NEEQ (stock code: 834726), Gonsin devotes herself to building an open, transparent, sharing, win-win cooperation platform. We always stick to our corporate value: Delivering Trust and Value , serve every customer with sincere heart and care, achieve win-win cooperation with clients, and create better future for conference industry.

Let’s have a look at GONSIN new headquarter:

Sky Garden 

Reception Desk 

Conference Room 

Show Room 

Office Area 

Leisure Area 

We sincerely welcome you to visit our new office! 

Address: 10th Floor, Block 2, Jinyuehongtai Building, No.4 Chengye Road , Fengxiang Industrial Park, Shunde, Foshan, Guangdong, 528300, China

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