Monday, November 28, 2016

GONSIN Conference System Installed in Bank of China Anhui Branch

Introduction: Recently, Bank of China Anhui Branch has officially moved to Pinghu district, the new building has 78,400 spare meters with 180 meter height and 39 floors. Bank of China Anhui Branch has set 15 sub- branches, 53 county sub-branches and Hefei Management Department in Hefei city, which forms a service system and institute network in the province-wide. Nowadays, the new office building is completed, and the intellectual conference system is now completed and ready for service. 

Bank of China Anhui Branch responses to the call from the Head Office to build up International First-class Commercial Bank, accelerates the transformation and upgrading, improves management. According to this demand, Anhui Branch inclined to build up a set of complete intellectual conference system for eight conference venues including multi-function conference hall, conference lecture hall.    

According to the customer’s requirements, solution should focus on the suitability, reliability, economy and extendibility of the system. This intellectual conference system could improve the communication and coordinate ability of the staff.  

Reasonable Functions 
Reasonable function combination for different conference rooms, it takes advantages of the flush-mounting installation, hidden cabling, makes the conference system harmony with the conference venue. 

Stable System 
Because multimedia conference system is for continuous operation and relevant with the bank issues and management, the stability of the system is highlighted. 

System Extendibility 
With the developing conference system technology and customer’s demand changing, the design of the conference system should consider the demand for extending to satisfy the future leading position. 

Economical System 
After guarantee of the advanced, reliable and cost-efficient system, combined design can help the customers to upgrade gradually, no need to pay for the unwanted function. 

According to the conference venues and customer’s demand, GONSIN design team offered a set of conference solution based on 5600 series flush-mounting basic discussion system. GONSIN 5600 series is flush-mounted digital conference system with combined functions, including five function modules: namely basic discussion module, simultaneous interpretation modules, voting module, extended handheld voting module, and loudspeaker. All these modules can be separated or flexibly combined use, easy setup according to conference requirements. Strong supporting function can meet the future demand for extending functions. 

5600 Series Flush-mounting Combined Digital Conference Discussion System

TL-5600 flush-mount basic discussion module can realize speak, request to speak and auto camera tracking functions. It comes with a extending port, with plug-and-play handheld voting module, it can realize the extended registration/voting/election/evaluation function. 

The simultaneous interpretation modules can support up to 6 channels wired interpretation, the participants can listen to the selected language channel and adjust the volume with earphones; 

The voting module can realize registration, voting, election, evaluation, grading functions; 

Extended handheld voting system: by the extended interface, it is plug-and-play, make it convenient for user to realize the extended registration/voting/election/evaluation function. 

The loudspeaker can be added according to venue needs;


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Thursday, November 17, 2016

Blossom in Linxia District- GONSIN takes you to experience Dream Theater

Introduction: Linxia is one of the two Hui Autonomous Prefectures in China, there are 2.15 million residents l, among them, 1.14 million are Muslims. With 3,000 mosques in its towns and villages, it receives the reputation as Eastern Mecca. 

Buildings and dazzling structures have been unfolded along the Daxia riverside, just as a magnificent scroll painting. These are the architectural complex which have been built in the past two years. Among them, the blossom-shaped building is Lingxia Grand Theater. 

With a large amount of local cultural factors absorbed in its unique building shape, Lingxia Grand Theater will be taken as the main conference venue for the Lingxia 60th anniversary celebration. 

In June, 2016, the Culture, Radio&TV administration has opened bid for the digital voting system for the theater. GONSIN has won this bid, due to its excellent brand reputation, high-quality products, and rich conference project experience. 

You will be totally amazed by the grand theater as you walk inside. The theater is a four-storey concrete frame steel latticed shell structure with 42 meter high concrete main body and 88 meters max diameter. The second floor is the main floor which contains the auditorium and stage with 31.6-meters height. The auditorium has 1041 seats, which are comprised of 836-seats in stalls and 205-seats in balconies. 

This project need consider how to combine auditorium chairs and conference system as whole set. Therefore, GONSIN provides complete set conference solution with 50 seats GONSIN BJ-04-W desktop wireless voting system and 407 seats BJ-Q5600 flush-mounting voting system. The combination between wired and wireless conference voting system offers an efficient, convenient, stable conference environment for users. 

BJ-04-W Desktop Wireless Voting System 

BJ-04-W utilizes wireless digital communication mode; The unique technology, which is wireless on-site environment online detection and frequency selection, ensures the system away from interference; Low power consumption and low emission power comply with the global electrical design and communication design standard; Besides, it has other good features: LCD display screen, human-friendly interaction; Lithium battery or AAA battery, real-time detection of battery level, dynamic display, low battery alarm; Automatic memory of voting result when power cut off; two registration ways, key pressing or inserting card; software can turn off all voting units together 

5600 series flush-mounting combined digital conference system 

GONSIN TL-5600 series is flush-mounted digital conference system with combined functions, including five function modules: namely basic discussion module, simultaneous interpretation modules, voting module, extended handheld voting module, and loudspeaker. All these modules can be separated or flexibly combined use, easy setup according to conference requirements. 

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Friday, November 11, 2016

Go to Yunnan Province with GONSIN

There are many reasons for going to Yunnan. Just follow your heart to be there and feel at rest there... 

In Yunnan, people will be attracted by her mystery, touched by her unsophisticated beauty, impressed by her colorful diversity and fascinated by her elegance. 

The love for Yunnan begins with her name. Yunan, which means the South of colourful clouds. When we set foot in this untouched land, we will be surprised by endless natural wonders, the weather, the diverse plants, the mystery form minorities, and the wonderful natural scenes………… All make us have a deep feeling of this heavenly land. GONSIN also has left a lot of footprints here. 

GONSIN TL-4200 Digital Conference System( Yunnan Political and Legal Affairs Committee) 

GO to Yunnan with GONSIN 

First Station: Xishuangbanna 

Xishuangbanna locates in the south of Yunnan province. In Dai language, its name means The Ideal and Wonder Land where is famous for its tropical rain forest and minority folk-custom. 

The recent icon film The Mekong Action is partly shoot in Xishuangbanna. As we can see in the film, the frontier force are protecting the border day and night. The Command Center of Border Defense plays an important role to coordinate its forces and make decisions quickly to protect the country at the soonest time. In order to meet this need, GONSIN has provided the conference system to Xishuangbanna Border Defense Command Center. 

5600 series Embedded Digital Conference Discussion Center ( Xishuangbanna Border Defense Command Center) 

Second Station: Quqing 

Quqing city is called the throat of Yunnan with its diverse landscapes and minorities’ customs. There are eight minorities such as Yi, Buyi, Zhuang, Miao, Yao and others living here with their unique languages, believes, clothes, lifestyles. 

Quqing is the second biggest city in Yunnan with good reputation of above-average education level in Yunnan province. GONSIN has been here and provided the conference system solution for Xinglong Party Training Center, helping to improve the training efficiency. 

TL-3300 Digital Conference System ( Sanbao Xinglong Party Training Center, Yunnan) 

Third Station: Nanhua Country of Chuxiong Yi Autonomous Prefecture 

Nanhua county belongs to Chuxiong Yi Autonomous Prefecture. Nanhua means the beautiful land in southwest. Several minorities are living here, such as Yi, Bai. It is a city with rich culture deposit, in which people live in peace. GONSIN left its foot sprints here and has improved conference efficiency for People Congress of Nanhua County. 

BJ-04 Voting System, TL-4200 Digital Conference System( People Congress of Nanhua County) 

Forth Station: Nujiang 

Nujiang River starts with the Dangla Mountains in Tibet Plateau and flows through Gongshan county. Blocked by mountains, a semi-circle is formed and is called as the first bay of Nujiang River which is the magnificent landmark of Nujiang canyon. 

GONSIN BJ-W5 Wireless Voting System 

Nujiang Autonomous Prefecture has abundant tourism resources, and is ranked as one of the best tourist destinations of folk culture. GONSIN has helped People Congress of Nujiang Autonomous Prefecture to build up its feature tourism. 

Fifth Station: Yunlong County of Dali 

Dali is one of the earliest culture birthplaces in Yunnan. Ancestors created brilliant Neolithic culture here. The Tianchi in Yunlong County located in the Wubao mountain, is a fault-structure lake which is now the provincial tourism resort with nature's primeval beauty. 

Recently, the standing committee of Yunlong county has conducted the special research of people living in poverty-stricken area. With its excellent solution, GONSIN has helped People’s Congress of Yunlong county to improve the conference quality. 

GONSIN TL-3300 Digital Conference System, BJ-W5 Wireless Voting System 

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Unveil The Secret of GONSIN Wireless Voting System with Interpretation

Simultaneous Interpretation? Electronic Voting? How much do you know about them? 

Simultaneous Interpretation 

This word appeared in Pairs Peace Conference in 1919 for the first time. On the conference, delegates negotiated with their counterparts with the help of English-to-French simultaneous interpretation, which marked the inception of simultaneous interpretation profession. In China, simultaneous interpretation was firstly applied in Asia and Pacific Rim Peace Conference in 1952. Since then, there is merely more than 40 years of development. 

Electronic Voting 
In 1990, every desk in the Grand Auditorium of the Great Hall of the People was equipped with an electronic voting unit for secret ballot. It was the first time that the third session of the Seventh National People’s Congress utilizes electronic voting units, green for agree, red for disagree, yellow for waiver. 

Two different products emerging from different background. What if they are combined into one piece? 

There are 56 ethnic groups in China. Because of historic and geographical reasons, some areas have many ethnic groups living together, such as Northeast, Northwest and Southwest China. Recently, with economic development, communication between different ethnic groups has increased; as a result the needs for simultaneous interpretation have been increased. Meanwhile, participants in the conference need to vote for the conference topics. So, we can find out the funny scene in which participants hold the interpretation receiver with one hand, and hold the electronic voting unit in the other hand. 

Xijiang Uygur Automonous Region, a place where multiple ethnic groups live in peace

Xijiang locates in heart of Eurasia continent, there are 47 ethnic groups living in 166000 sqm land. The communication and corporation between different minorities is everywhere. 

For the conference organizers, if they pursue wireless conference systems, it will require them to buy simultaneous interpretation system and voting system respectively, which not only adds more cost and engineering difficulty, but also brings inconveniences for users. 

How to solve this problem? 

A Product combines voting and interpretation, a human-friendly system

The first voting system with interpretation in the globe combines two different proudcts into one-piece, brings brand-new user experience, and makes more convenient, intelligent conference. 

The communication mode of electronic voting can be divided into two kinds, wired transmission and wireless RF transmission. The wireless RF transmission has become developing trend in the conference industry. As for the simultaneous interpretation system, IR transmission and wireless RF transmission are the main methods in the market. Since established in 2003, GONSIN has accumulated rich experience and made remarkable achievements in conference voting system and simultaneous interpretation system. In 2016, GONSIN launches the brand-new product: BJ-W5I Wireless Voting Unit with Interpretation. 

Conference All-rounder, breaks the industry routine 

GONSIN BJ-W5I wireless voting unit with interpretation is a kind of handheld wireless product featuring functions of simultaneous interpretation and voting. The product not only breaks the technical barrier in conference industry, but also realizes a fully new concept: user can change the operation mode by setting. The operation modes include interpretation mode, voting mode, combined voting&interpretation mode. Flexible operation mode setting makes conferences more easier. The system utilizes GONSIN self-developed FS-FHSS technology, which can detect the wireless signal and make stable signal transmission by frequency selection and hopping double mechanism. 

Besides the interpretation and voting, BJ-W5I has other functions such as attendance registration, evaluation, election, grading. Powerful, Versatile, Flexible, all make it the benchmarking in the conference industry. 


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Wednesday, November 2, 2016

Introduction to GONSIN 10000S Congress System

GONSIN Escorted the CELAC - European Union Ministerial Summit

From 25 to 26 October 2016, the two-day CELAC - European Union Ministerial Summit was held in Santo Domingo (Dominican Republic). The meeting highlights strengthening the bi-regional dialogue and deepening mutual relations, dealing with common challenges, developing finance, and solving climate change, law and migration problems etc.. GONSIN has offered excellent conference system for this successful meeting. 

The meeting was hosted by the President of Dominican Republic, with 61 delegates participating in this meeting, 28 from EU, 33 from CELAC. 

Conference Venue 

European Union Ministerial Summit

GONSIN TL-3300 Desktop Digital Conference Discussion System 

President of Dominican Republic 

GONSIN TL-3300 series desktop digital conference system has been applied in the summit. With its stable performance, clear sound, high fidelity, TL-3300 series has been the hot-sale product since it was launched in 2015. Electret cardioid pickup pattern microphone make its timbre rich and the upgraded technology to resist to mobile phone interference has been top in the industry. 

Excellent conference system not only needs to meet the basic demand from customers, but also provides excellent user experience. Traditional wired conference systems have a bothering problems in common: the wiring is unfitted with conference venue decoration. However, our product designer has added an exquisite cable slot, which enables technical team to adjust the cable according to different environment and makes the overall outlook of the conference venue more elegant. 

3300 Project Cases: 

Jiangxi Provincial Committee of CPC 

Columbian National Procuratorate 

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