Sunday, May 29, 2016

GONSIN Conference System Installed in Plenary Hall of ALICANTE City in Spain

Introduction: As the leading provider in professional complete audio and video solution, GONSIN has accomplished the conference system upgrade for Plenary Hall of Alicante city. With the perfect-sound, easy-to-operate, stable-performance 5600 series embedded digital conference discussion system, GONSIN has offered perfect technical support for every conference in Plenary Hall.

Alicante is a port city located in southeast Spain, close to Alicante bay in Mediterranean, is the oldest railway connection city. Its economy mostly depends on tourism, brewery, service industry and administration. There are many ancient buildings in Alicante. Among them, the Plenary Hall is built in early 18 century.


Engineering background:
City hall is open to the public, hence, it is built near the city square, normally with excellent construction. The 6-meter high plenary hall has 200 square meters, where the city delegates have conference twice a month. Because of this, the client has high requirement on the sound quality. For a long time, the city hall equipped with one Germany top brand. In this upgrade, GONSIN is selected from many top global providers, due to our first-class design team, excellent products, and wonderful service. 

Users’ Requirements
1.    It is an ancient building, no installation damage is allowed, so the conference microphones should come with built-in speakers.
2.    CD sound quality
3.    Interactive discussion
4.    Stable-performance, easy to install and maintain
5.    Extendable function
6.    Consistent with the decoration style of conference venue

Solution:  1 + 36 seats of conference discussion system

Product selection:
Considering the users’ requirements and conference venue as ancient building, GONSIN design team has offered 5600 series embedded modular-design digital conference discussion solution.  The combination of discussion and speaker module, not only meets the interactive discussion demand, but also comes with sound.

GONSIN 5600 series is a kind of embedded digital conference discussion system, utilizes module design. Its functions include discussion, interpretation, voting, extended hand-held voting, and speaker. Each module is independent and able to be flexible combined use, so to meet the extended functions. Meanwhile, 5600 series can integrate with paperless system, which forms a more powerful and convenient conference system. Its unique embedded installation, different from tabletop, goes well in harmony with office environment.

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Monday, May 23, 2016

GONSIN Conference Systems Applied in 5-Star Hotel in Guizhou Province

GONSIN conference systems have been applied in Beidou Bay Kaiyuan Hotel in Guizhou Province. Gonsin has completed integrated conference system solutions for several conference rooms, lecture hall and multifunctional conference hall in the hotel.


Engineering background:

Beidou Bay Kaiyuan Hotel is the first high-end hotel in Guian New Area, the construction area of the hotel is 66,000 square meters, it has 329 guest rooms, 4 independent villas, Chinese restaurant, western restaurant, banquet hall, multifunctional hall, international conference center and other professional conference rooms, which is suitable for various conferences, press conference and other activity.

User’s demand

As the 5-star hotel in the area, it is the first choice for all kinds of international summit, forums and annual meeting. The conference venue need to be equipped with advanced audio & video conference system to serve the customer’s demand.

1. The equipments in the VIP conference room should meet daily small-sized conference, enable users for good  communication. Devices must have stable and reliable performance, easy to manage and operate with strong extendibility.

2.The equipments in the round multifunctional conference hall should allow users to hold video conferences, upload, download and play the live AV signal. It requires stable system performance, speedy communication, clear and smooth AV signals. Meanwhile, the system should keep consistent decoration style with the conference venue.

3.The equipments in the lecture hall should meet the demand of various conference and seminars, and have simultaneous interpretation function. The principle is reasonable investment, meet-the-demand, moderate advance technology.

4. The equipment of the international conference hall should meet all kinds of international conferences’ demand, support multiple-languages simultaneous interpretation. Because of vast space( 10 meter storey high) and huge signal coverage area ( support accommodating 600 people ), Our system should satisfy big and stable signal coverage.


1. 1+22 seats conference discussion system for VIP conference room
2.1+168 seats conference discussion system for international round conference lecture hall
3.  117 seats of multi-channels simultaneous interpretation system, with 2 interpreter consoles for lecture hall
4. 200 seats of multi-channels simultaneous interpretation system, with 5 interpreter consoles for large conference hall

Product Selection

Nowadays, there are various conference forms and conference functions; the conference management is becoming more complicated. GONSIN digital conference system satisfy this demand, and offers flexible conference management.

1.GONSIN TL-5600 series is digital flush-mount modular-designed conference system. It has five function modules, namely, basic discussion, interpretation, voting, extended hand-held voting, speaker. Each module can be separately used, or flexibly combined used. Besides, it could be integrated with paperless system to form more convenient conference system. It’s different design from tabletop microphone, fixed installing in tables, look clean and tidy.

2. GONSIN IR simultaneous interpretation system has stable performance and clear sound. It is highly resistant to malicious interference and wiretap, ensures users can hear clear audio. The system can modulate and transmit up to 12 languages.  With a light-weight receiver, participants can select and hear required language.

Gonsin, as the leading and professional provider in complete audio and video conference system solution, has provided Kaiyuan Hotel with a set of excellent conference system, which enables every user to experience a better conference.

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Saturday, May 14, 2016

What happened in Brazil?

On May 12, 2016, the three-day TecnoMultimedia InfoComm Brazil 2016 ended in Sao Paulo Expo. The exhibition is an important activity for AV industry and communication technology industry in South America, which attracts lots of AV industry integrator and end-users.

Since 2005, as a professional provider of the complete solution in audio and video conference system, GONSIN ( stock code: 834726) has stepped into international market with its own brand, and played a more and more important role in oversea market. In 2009, GONSIN became a member of ICCA( International Congress and Convention Association). In the same year, GONSIN registered its brand in more than 60 countries and regions in the world. South American market is one of the key market for GONSIN. GONSIN has completed many key projects here, such as World Summit for Legislators, 34th secession of World Heritage Committee, National Assembly of the Republic of Ecuador, Chile Parliament, etc. 

During the exhibition, GONSIN products drew attention from many visitors. 1021/1022 dual-band conference system of 10000 series has showed GONSIN’s technology level and innovation ability with its superior performance, sophisticated craftsmanship. The products has been successfully applied to Burkina Faso Congress, City Council of Kos Island in Greece and some other key projects.

DCS-2021 economical paperless conference system in 20000 series has attendance registration, voting, election, evaluation, call service, document display, other functions. Powerful functions make the fussy conference work simpler and more efficient.

30000 series utilizes GONSIN creative FS-FHSS technology. Before conference, the system could detect and select the frequency spectrum to ensure the frequency spectrum selected for frequency hopping is not interfered. The frequency hopping and selection double mechanism ensures the stable communication.

InfoComm Brazil provides excellent the platform for GONSIN to further develop South American market. And, we will keep on making progresses and providing better products and service for customers, making GONSIN one of the world-known conference system brands.

World Summit of Legislators

34th Secession of World Heritage Committee

National Assembly of the Republic of Ecuador

National Forum of Brazil Museums

National Congress of Chile

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Monday, May 9, 2016

Hot May In Brazil

Brazil is tropical paradise full of energy and joy! It’s colorful country attracting great numbers of tourists: street carnival, exotic beach, enthusiastic Samba, various delicacies, etc.

May is the best tourist season

Sao Paulo is a prosperous city. Continuous rows of buildings, busy traffic with 64,000 streets. It’s biggest industrial city in Brazil: Brazil electronic industrial center,  automobile industrial base, country's largest oil refinery factory are located here. So far, it has 30, 000 factories and companies, more than 200 million industrial workers, which is half of the national industry amount.

Brazil is the biggest and the most populous country in South America, what is more, its economy power ranks first in Latin America. Tecnomultimedia InfoComm Brazil is the largest professional AV exhibition in Latin America, and successfully attracts exhibitors from more than 20 countries worldwide. It brings together high quality professional AV buyers and end-users from education, transportation, security, medical, entertainment, construction, business, government and other industries.  

Tecnomultimedia InfoComm Brazil is global well-known exhibition in professional AV, electronic systems integration, lighting sound, intellectual building industry. It provides precious communication platforms for AV manufacturers and profession users. 

GONSIN participates this great event undoubtedly, and showcases our popular conference system products.  As the leading complete AV solution provider, GONSIN has eight product series: voting system, conference discussion system, simultaneous interpretation system, attendance registration system, central control system, sound system, video conferencing system and conference management software.

We make continuous efforts. This year in Brazil show, Gonsin release three new products, including 10000 series dual-band wireless conference system, 20000 series economical paperless conference system, 30000 series FS-FHSS wireless conference system and simultaneous interpretation system.
Hope to see you guys this May!

World Summit of Legislators, Brazil, GONSIN Wireless Simultaneous Interpretation System

World Heritage Committee’s 34th Secession, Brazil, GONSIN Wireless Conference Discussion System and Simultaneous Interpretation System

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Tuesday, May 3, 2016

GONSIN Assisted IRU Academy Seminar 2016

Background: International Road Transport Union, for short: IRU, is established in 1948 and is the most important international non-government organization of international road transport. With its headquarter in Geneva, IRU not only is the spokesman for the global road transport industry, but also is the key partner of United Nations, World Bank, International Chamber of Commerce and other international organizations. It plays an important role in the international road transport industry.

The Seminar has been held in April 14-15 2016 in Tbilisi, Georgia, which is aimed to solve the problem of  the career prospect of road transport industry, to provide the strategy of talent management in transport and logistic companies, and to optimize the employee selection and retention mechanism.

As the leading provider in complete solution of audio and video conference system, GONSIN has designed a set of easy-to-use TL-4200 digital desktop conference discussion system that meets the conference function demand from the organizer. It is self-developed by GONSIN. Self-developed by GONSIN and launched in market since 2010, it has been applied to various international conference and venues. With the stable operation and clear sound of TL-4200 conference system, GONSIN has provided a strong guarantee in the smooth holding of the seminar.

GONSIN 4200 desktop digital conference system not only meets the basic conference demand, but also comes with multiple functions. TL-4200 basic discussion unit has the video camera tracking function, which could be activated automatically when participants use TL-4200 to speak. As participants use TL-4200 to speak, that function could be activated automatically; the dome camera could recognize the picture information, capture the speaker’s image and transmit the image signal to display equipments; by the extended function, it comes with the corresponding attendance registration, voting, election, evaluation and simultaneous interpretation function; the system has the voice-activated function; with VOX, the microphones would be activated as participants speak, and the sensitivity of the voice-activated is adjustable. It is convenient for the normal users, meanwhile, it also provides convenience for the visually impaired people. It has two kinds of appearance color, black or silver.

Power to change the world is around us, in which you might not believe. In fact, we contribute to creating a better world by our hardworking. Maybe, this contribution is insignificant, however, they show in conferences on energy, road construction and agriculture developments.

3rd ASEAN Transport Sar Forum

Meeting for representatives from 8 ministries and organizations, Saudi Arabic

Bulgarian National Energy Regulation Committee

Burundi Agriculture Development Conference

GONSIN has devoted itself to escorting significant international conferences that promote the development of human civilization; GONSIN provides various conferences with professional complete audio & video solution in discussion system, paperless conference system, interpretation system, voting system, public address system, central control system and etc.

GONSIN products have been applied in many high-rank conferences of United Nations Headquarter, UNESCO, United Nations Population Fund, G20 Summit, Organization of America States, World Bank. GONSIN has completed thousands of important projects for government, parliaments, convention centers, hotels, hospitals, schools, military, religion rally, such as World Summits of Legislators, National Congress of Chile, National Assembly of the Republic of Ecuador, Sudan Friendship Hall, ANRS Convention Center in Ethiopia, India Mass Religion Rally and so on. 

Every technological progress has laid a solid foundation for creating a better world. If you have the same wish as ours, welcome to be the partner of GONSIN.


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