Saturday, July 22, 2017

All-purpose Universal Box and Its Applications

With the initiation of the Belt and Road, governments at all levels have their project lists and construction solution. For AV industry, it has been a trend to seize opportunities of projects in the Belt and Road

There will be massive infrasturcture construction in B&R, which includes multiple conference centers, malls and other building that need to be installed with conference systems. During the boost of construction, conference systems will improve the communication efficiency and play an important role in political or commerical places.

However, in multiple old conference venues, we always find it is a headache that the existing equipments are still operating normaly, but problem is hard to expand for compatibility. If you replace all equipments, it will waste them, increase the budget and cases troubles for technicans and project designer.

According to long-term accumulation of experience, GONSIN has developed an innovative product——Universal Box( simultaneous interpretation audio converter). Through this device, it can realize seamless connection between GONSIN FS-FHSS simultaneous interpretation sytem , IR simultaneous interpretation sytem, wired simultaneous interpretation sytem, and also allows GONSIN interpretation system co-work with other brands’ simultaneous interpretation system. It not only solve the problem for user, but also reduce the budget.

There are common application scenes for the universal box.

1.    Connection between GONSIN simultaneous interpretation system with other brand’s simultaneous interpretation system
Audio signal will transmit to other server from GONSIN interpreter console

Audio signal will transmit to GONSIN server from other interpreter console

If the conference venue has already been equiped with simultaneous interpretation system, GONSIN universal box will help you expand the system without removing the existing sytem. One box, two Connection, bridges the system from various brands.

2. Connect GONSIN Self-developed FS-FHSS simultaneous interpretation system with other simultaneous interpretation system

Connection between GONSIN FS-FHSS simultaneous interpretation and other wireless simultaneous interpretation system

Connection between GONSIN FS-FHSS interpretation system and IR interpretation system

Connection between GONSIN FS-FHSS interpretation system and wired interpretation system

GONSIN FS-FHSS simultaneous iterpretation system is a set of new product untilized FS-FHSS( frequency selecting and frequency hopping spread spectrum) technology innovated by GONSIN. It has strong anti-interference capability,  large coverage area and other advantages. With the universal box, FS-FHSS simultaneous interpretation system can co-work with the existing interpretation systems.

Based on the this, the project designer can allow the speakers on the stage to use wired interpretation system, guests in VIP rooms to use IR reveivers, other participants in the venue to use FS-FHSS receivers with the magic of GONSIN universal box. 


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Friday, July 14, 2017

GONSIN Meets Honda On The Way To The Best

From motorcycles to cars, from domestic sales to global strategy, among various car brands, Honda has gained its reputation. By 2016, the cumulative sales is up to 23 million and 170 thousand cars. How could Honda achieve this? Because it keeps pursuing the best. 

On 27-28 June, Honda held an internal conference in Regent International Hotels. GONSIN FS-FHSS simultaneous interpretation system and TL-3300 desktop digital conference discussion system have been applied in the conference. 

As a famous international provider of complete audiovisual conference system solution, GONSIN has its product applied in various key conferences. GONSIN prides itself on its independent innovation strategy and product differentiation strategy ever since its inception in 2003.   

GONSIN mission is to build bridges of highly effective communication in global perspective. With the hardwork from GONSIN R&D team, the third generation of GONSIN FS-FHSS simultaneous interpretation system was released in Prolight + Sound Guangzhou 2017. 

Its unique FS-FHSS(frequency selecting-frequency hopping spread spectrum) technology has realized the frequency selecting and hopping double mechanism to ensure stable communication without any interference from block or strong light source. Not to mention, it comes with large signal coverage . All above allows it offer convenience to outdoor application. 

Since it was launched in 2015, TL-3300 desktop conference discussion system has been the popular product. After years of upgrade, its anti-interference has been one of the best in the industry, which makes the conference held smoothly. 

With fierce competition, GONSIN goal in 2017 it not only building its brand, but also upgrading its product chain. Keeping the product advantage is the way to be best. 


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Sunday, July 9, 2017

Change As Your Will

​Recently, GONSIN has provided a set of complete audiovisual conference system solution based on the demand of Shunde  Xinjunyue Hotel and help it to build as a high-end commerical hotel integrated high quality service with modern elegant design. 

Xinjunyue locates in the famous "town of flowers" Shunde Chencun. Since 2001, the hotel has operated for 16 years. In order to upgrade it facility, it take 300 million to invest the phase three project and build the hotel in according to the latest five-star hotel standard with the overall floorarge up to 54,830 square meters,  26 floors main building and 16 floors wing building. There are multiple conferences room that accommodate from 30 to 300 people, which is the ideal choice for conferences or other commerial activities. 

Innovation for better development

Under the background that Chinese economy has entered the new normal, hotels need to upgrad themselves to become more intelligent and informatization. Aimed to Shunde Xinjunyue Hotel, GONSIN has designed a combined solution based on TL-3300 desktop conference discussion system and TL-4200 desktop digital conference discussion system. 

As a kind of leading production in the industry, TL-3300 desktop digital conference discussion system has been installed in multiple international conference and high-endconference venue, gained consisteent recognition. The special hidden cable design of TL-3300 has made it highly integrated with the conference venue, the overall effect is much perfect.

Verstile Functions

TL-3300 conference discussion system has four speaking modes. The manager of the system can be set freely according to the conference. The system has auto video tracking function that could be extended to HD video tracking. With HD video tracking matrix, HD video conference camera and HD video signal swticher, it can realize high quality video trakcing smoothly. 

GONSIN TL-4200 desktop digital conference system not only suits daily conference holding, but also comes with other multiple functions. It supports video camera tracking: the camera will automatically aim at participant who speak with TL-4200. the dome camera can recognize the picture information, capture the speaker’s image and transmit the image signal to display equipments; By extended function, it comes with attendance registration, voting, election,evaluation and simultaneous interpretation functions; Besides, the system has voice-activated function (VOX); in VOX mode, the microphones will be turned on automatically as participants speak; The VOX sensitivity is adjustable, which provides great convenience for the visually impaired people.

Since its establishment in 2003, GONSIN has focues on hotel industry and provided excellent products and service for users


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Sunday, July 2, 2017

“Internet Plus” Time, Boosting Information Construction

Foshan Branch of Guangdong Cable (short forFoshan Cable) has provided digitalized experience and all-round information life service in compliant with the trend of integration of three network. 

GONSIN Assists Foshan Cable’s Information Construction
The priority of Foshan Cable is to improve the communication efficiency. The conference system in its new office building is configured according to the newest technological standard. As the famous provider of complete  audiovisual conference system solution, GONSIN has offered a professional conference solution.

Nowsaday, conference is the important partof buiness communication for companies. In order to improve the conference efficiency, GONSIN  has offered the combined solution based on20000 series economical paperless conference system and 10000 series wireless triple-band congress system with auto HD video tracking system and PA system. 

Modular-designed 20000 series economical paperless conference system can meet various customer’s demands. With extensible paperless conference terminal, it realizes the paperless multi-media function; With extensible hand-held voting terminal (with USB jack), it can support voting function make conferences more flexible.

By extended paperless conference terminal, paricipants can initiate attendance registration, voting,evaluation and grading function.The terminal also support the management of conference files, simultnaeous interpretation channel selection andcall service functions; Powerful functions make the complicated conferenceholding more efficient and easier. 

Considering the non-voting delegates need to talk, the solution includes GONSIN 10000 series wireless triple-band congress system which is based on WIFI technology, compatible with IEEE 802.11 series protocol, and easy to switch 2.4 G, 5.2 G, 5.8 G frequency bands anddeal with complicated wireless environment. One-key to switch communication bands, and solve the problem of wireless frequency resources.  

Foshan Cable saved the operation cost and improved the communication efficiency by new conference systems, which is the development trend for companies. 


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