Sunday, October 28, 2018

Exclusive: GONSIN Won The Canton Fair Awards

The 2018 Canton Fair Design Awards Ceremony and Design Innovation Forum has been held in the Canton Fair Exhibition Hall on 24th Oct.. With the theme “Innovation and Development; Transformation and Upgrading”, this forum intends to explore a road for China's enterprises to innovate designs, upgrade and transform, to guide enterprises to take the road of innovation and development, and to show the charm of "China's Creation" and "China's Design" to the world.
A total of 1,214 products from 629 enterprises have participated in the competition this year. GONSIN’s conference discussion terminal DCS-2043 has stood out from many high-quality products, and won the CF Bronze Award. This is the second time for GONSIN to get this prize. 
As one of the important carriers of the high-quality development of the Canton Fair, CF Design Award has been insisting on high standards, high requirements, authoritative profession, openness and transparency since its inception. GONSIN has won the CF prize for two times in a row, which is the affirmation of GONSIN's product design. The Canton Fair is one of the most authoritative platform, with the help of which, we can publicize GONSIN's products, so as to gain more market recognition and transaction, and set up a benchmark for innovative enterprises in the field of the conference system, showing the charm of GONSIN's products to buyers from all over the world.

The award-winning DCS-2043 digital conference discussion system is GONSIN's brand new masterpiece in 2018. It adopts concise modern industrial design, fashionable and brilliant. With the design of multi-head, hyper-cardioid directional  electret microphone, as well as the optimization of acoustic design, the sound quality has been greatly improved. Combined with the GONSIN’s paperless conference system, it can provide users with a variety of functional upgrades.
Following the trend of innovation and development in China, we get to knowonly through innovation can we will have a future. More than ten-years development has served GONSIN with a sound innovation system. Through continuous investment in R&D and design, optimizing enterprise structure, and actively embracing the Internet, GONSIN is stepping to a new height in the audio and video conferencing industry!

Friday, October 19, 2018

GONSIN in Canton Fair: See Paperless System Attracting World’s Attention

The five-day 124th Canton Fair comes to a close on 19th October. This fair has set up 51 exhibition areas based on 16 categories of products, including 59,647 booths. 24,947 enterprises have taken part in this fair, with 8,735 in the first session.
    Together with well-known brands at home, GONSIN has presented itself in the Canton Fair. Buyers from all over the world come to our booth in constant streams.
GONSIN’s booth is surrounded by foreign purchasers asking for information of our products on display. Although in different skin color and specking various languages, they are all attracted by GONSIN’s products, which in return reflects GONSIN’s good international image.
Among all products those purchasers inquiry for, GONSIN’s new Desktop Paperless Terminal is one of the most attention-worth products. A lot of buyers expressed strong interest in GONSIN paperless DCS-2062. In recent years, the concept of paperless has swept the world, and further promoted the development and application of paperless technology. As a leading domestic conference equipment provider, GONSIN Conference has launched a variety of terminal forms, such as tablet paperless, LCD lifting paperless, desktop paperless integrated machine, providing more quality options for different customers, and has also undertaken paperless conference system projects in many countries around the world.  

GONSIN paperless conference system, has been advocating the concept of efficient and convenient meetings, and committed to fundamentally address the shortcomings of the meeting, so that the meeting can become more convenient, smarter and more stable.