Wednesday, December 30, 2015

GONSIN Conference Officially Listed On the National Equities Exchange and Quotations

On December 30, 2015, Gonsin Conference Equipment Co.,Ltd.(called GONSIN Conference for short) attended the collective listing ceremony in NEEQ( National Equities Exchange and Quotations) in Jinyang Building in Beijing with other 15 companies. GONSIN has become the first one listing on NEEQ in the professional conference system industry in China( stock code: 834726) 

Huang Huabao, Chairman of the board of GONSIN Conference, the representative of the top management team and the specially invited industry guests attended the listing ceremony.

In the listing ceremony, Huang Huabao, as the representative of the company, expressed the speech with the theme of New Beginning, New Mission, New Journey——Open, Transparent, Sharing, Win-Win, Building the Open Cooperation Platform.

Chairman Huang Huabao briefly introduced the 12-year development and achievement of GONSIN Conference, confirmed that listing on NEEQ was the milestone of the development of GONSIN Conference, emphasized that GONSIN would carry the new mission to embark the new historical course at this new starting. With the ideology as Open, Transparent, Sharing, Win-Win, it concentrates on building the open cooperation platform. At the end, Chairman Huang Huabao thanked National Equities Exchange and Quotations System Management Co.,Ltd., Dongguan Securities, Guangdong Guangxin Law Firm,  Shu Lun Pan CPAs for their careful instructions, and congratulated other 15 companies attending the collective listing ceremony.

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Sunday, December 27, 2015

GONSIN dual-frequency wireless conference system equipped in Xinjiang autonomous region finance department

Xinjiang autonomous region finance department is in charge of the financial revenue and expenditure, fiscal taxation policy, financial supervisor, management of state-owned property of administrative institution. It has 30 inner divisions with 148 administrative establishment staff.

Since the foundation of Xinjiang autonomous region finance department, with the extending function work, it has planned to upgrade its equipments in the conference center in order to improve its collaboration ability and strengthen its communication between its sub-developments. As the famous complete audio video conference system solution provider, GONSIN designs the most perfect solution and assists the conference work of Xinjiang autonomous region finance with its high quality devices.

In this upgrade, it adds new devices in the original conference system. In 2009, the finance department utilized TL-5200 digital conference system. This system adopts embedded installation design with the fixed position. After years of operation, with its stable operation and excellent function, it has won the consistent praise from the leaders and also laid the solid foundation for adding new GONSIN devices.

In the solution, GONSIN designers introduced the latest self-developed dual-frequency wireless conference system, DCS-1021. That series is the dual-frequency wireless conference system product based on GONSIN DCS-1022, responding the government call to save the expenses. The product is redesigned the audio circuit and dramatically improve the audio function with clear sound quality. That product meets the high-end demands of the politic and business market, temporary international conference and rental market.

DCS-1021 dual-frequency wireless conference system is the new wireless product based on the WIFI technology, being compatible with IEEE 802.11 protocol. It could switch from 2.4 G to 5.8 G frequency band easily. According to the actual usage of 2.4 G frequency band, GONSIN has added 5.8 G operation frequency as the selectable frequency band at the beginning of the development of DCS-1021 wireless conference system, which avoids the unstable signal cased by the overcrowded frequency. Reducing the device number in one frequency is effective meaning to improve the network and prevent the weak signal. 

Technical Specifications

Communication mode
2.4G/5.8G dual band
Frequency response
Dot matrix
128×64 LCD
Backlit with white-on-blue
Working Voltage
Battery capacity
Battery life
≥14 hours (speaking state)
Earphone port
3.5mm jack,MIC×2,REC×2
MIC stem length
310mm(Optional 410mm/510mm)
Operating temperature
Storage temperature

The co-existing frequency (dual-frequency) of 2.4GHz and 5.8GHz has been the technology development trend. The advantage of dual-frequency WIFI devices includes stronger anti-interference capability, more stable WIFI wireless signal, more selectable frequency bands, faster transmission. What is more, it enables the wireless devices to save more electricity to meet the demand of wireless transmission of the big data in the future.   

DCS-1021 project cases: 

Bureau of Civil Affairs of Dezhou City, ShanDong Province

Tantai Lake Hotel, Suzhou City

Parliament of  Burkina Faso

City Hall of Kos Island, Greece

Ruijin Erlu Sub-district Office, Shanghai Municipality 

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Sunday, December 20, 2015

Quality surpasses temperament

Introduction: As the market-oriented economy is developing rapidly and the competition between companies becomes much fiercer, the importance of the quality in the company is becoming clearer. The core competitiveness of the company depends on the product quality. To improve the product quality is to ensure the company could occupy the market, what is more, is the significant means to continue to operate. If one company is eager to be stronger, it should try to improve the quality and service level under the condition that it must strength its innovation ability.

Recently, there is a phrase widely spread God wants to check air quality( in Chinese, it means it mainly focuses on the temperament). However, does everything depend on the temperament? The answer is No~ !GONSIN reminds us, as you select the audio and video conference equipment, the quality of the product is far more important than the temperament! 

For 12 years, GONSIN has insisted the manufacturing principle as “ Quality first, Quality concerned”, has passed ISO 9001:2008 International Quality System Authentication and product certificates such as CCC, CE and FCC. Products has been successfully applied to thousands of significant conference projects such as the 10th of G20, 4th United Nation Conference on LDC, World Heritage Committee’s 31st Secession and Organization of American States; The users cover party committee, People’s Congress, government, parliament, conference center, hotel, school, court, military, hospital, church, enterprise and other fields. GONSIN has shipped it products to more than 130 counties and regions. With excellent products and stable function, GONSIN has received consistent praise from the customers.

The 9th Jiangsu Province Horticultural Exhibition, organized by Jiangsu People’s Government, collaborated with Housing and Urban-Rural Department of Jiangsu Province, Agricultural Committee of Jiangsu Province, People’s Government of Suzhou and other 12 cites, will be held from 18 April to 18 May in 2016 by the eastern side of Taihu lake. The preparatory work is launched orderly. GONSIN, as one of the leading provider in audio and video system complete solution, facilities the preparatory work of the 9th Horticultural Exhibition, and offer the latest self-developed wireless DCS-1021congress system.

DCS-1021 wireless congress system is the newest wireless product based on WIFI technology, being compatible with IEEE 802.11 series protocol. It could switch from 2.4 G to 5.8 G frequency band. Based on the operation of 2.4 G, GONSIN has added 5.8G operating frequency to backup at the beginning of the development of DCS-1021 wireless conference system, which could avoid the overcrowded frequency band and smooth the signal communication. Reducing devices amount in one frequency band is the effective means of improving these situations including crowed network, dropping off the line, weak signal.

Dual frequency of 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz has been the technology development direction. The advantage of Dual frequency Wifi is that it offers stronger anti-inference capacity, more stable Wifi wireless signal, faster transmission speed. What is more, it could make the wireless device save more electricity to meet the demand of the wireless transmission of the big data in the future.

Financial Department of Xijiang Autonomous Region 

Parliament of Burkina Faso

The City Hall of Kos Island, Greece

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Thursday, December 17, 2015

DCS-3021 congress system

With all these honors and certificates, GONSIN launchs the DCS-3021 congress system. One GONSIN30000 Congress Server will support up to 500 terminals. Wireless, Simple, Economical

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Sunday, December 13, 2015

2015 Happy GONSIN

In order to improve the sparetime life of employees and to create a delighting working environment, the leader attached more importance on the physical and mental health of the employees and created a harmonious and positive atmosphere. By organizing the basketball matches, badminton matches, karaoke games and other multiple recreational activities, it provides plenty of entertainment for the employees in their sparetime life, so that we can throw ourselves into work with more passion. 

With the various recreational activities, it not only let us do some exercise and relax ourselves, but also strengthens the ties between us and the sense of cohesion in the company, which dramatically improves the company culture such as positivity, unity and hardworking and lays the foundation of the rapid and stable development of the company.

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