Sunday, April 17, 2016

Not to be missed, Exhibition with GONSIN

In April, Beijing is flourishing with blossoms and the spring vigor. In such a good time, it should come with excellent activity to complement each other. On 13 April,the top event in profession audio and video, InFocomm China 2016, is in grand opening at Beijing National Conference Center!

Brands gathers and forms the invisible competition! In this audio and video industry competition, GONSIN ( stock code: 834746), as a leading provider of complete solution in audio and video conference system, has some unique stunts as below.

Stunt One Professional

As the main brand of conference system, what does GONSIN emphasize? It is to be professional! Professional! Professional! The most important thing need to stressed three times. Professional product, professional technology, professional service, all above is in order to provide you with the best complete audio& video conference system solution.

Stunt Two Sharing

Let share what the ace gets!

InfoComm China Summit is the most authoritative and educational summit in the industry, it is aimed to educate the participants rather than advertise any specific product or company. As a result,the committee review the submitted topic strictly, all topic presented in the summit represents the top in the industry. Only the best expert or main brands in the industry has the chance to deliver speeches. In 2016, the topic submitted by GONSIN is selected again. With this precious chance, GONSIN hope to share its experience with you.

Stunt Three Sincerity

God of wealth calls you to come to GONSIN and get your prizes!

Ten thousand cash red envelop are offered as prizes! Collect likes to exchange gifts! Visit our booth, GONSIN will surprise you!

It is difficult to get a such chance. If not size it, you need to wait for one year. With two day left, take the immediate action.


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