Wednesday, April 6, 2016

Can’t Wait to Tell You Such A Good Thing!

In the annul meeting of intelligent construction branch of China construction association and 2016 intelligent construction industry development summit, GONSIN30000 Wireless Congress system was selected as 2016 Intelligent Construction High-quality Product after it was reviewed by the review committee of intelligent construction branch of China construction association.

GONSIN30000 wireless congress system has been the masterpiece GONSIN development team designed in 2015. The system contains DCS-3021 wireless congress system and FS-FHSS wireless simultaneous interpretation system now. Among them, DCS-3021 wireless congress system has been paid high attention by the industry. So, what makes it so attractive? Can’t wait to tell you such a good thing!

Five irresistible selling points!

First, innovative technology, outstanding performance
GONSIN30000 wireless congress system utilizes GONSIN self-developed FS-FHSS technology. Based on the hopping frequency technology in wireless communication, FS-FHSS is innovated by GONSIN, it can detect and select the frequency spectrum to ensure the frequency provided for frequency hopping is clear. The frequency selection and frequency hopping double mechanism ensures the stable communication.

Second, easy installation, efficient and convenient
The system takes digital wireless communication technology as the carrier, breaks the cables limit. With the background that governments stops building government building, cuts down conference expense, GONSIN DCS-3021 wireless congress system is developed as a kind of product that is free of installation, debugging, auxiliary equipments. It is suitable to old conference room upgrade, temporary conference or rental market. It just requires 1 congress server, 1 wireless AP and several conference microphones to hold a conference.

Third, all-in-one design
All-in-one design makes the transport case contain the complete system. The transport case utilizes the aviation case deign; it comes out with universal wheels, is easy to move; the case is made of high-quality material, sturdy and stable; the inner utilizes the anti-shock structure, convenient for users to store, move and transport products, which makes it very suitable for temporary conference and rental market.

Forth, small size, large capacity
With perfect management mechanism, the system capacity is up to 500 wireless congress terminals. GONSIN30000 wireless congress system utilizes the efficient digital audio compression algorithm, which improves the usage rate of the wireless carrier to ensure multiple systems work in the same building without interference.

Fifth, elegant appearance
Sophisticated appearance could create the high-end conference environment. The combination between lines and points makes it simple and intuitive; the specially processed surface material is smooth, the texture is outstanding too; light-weight product, apart from clumsy, makes business free from burden.

As a leading provider of the complete solution of audio and video conference system, after speedy development in years, GONSIN has cultivated a high-quality Research and development team,  gained 41 patents including patents for a invention, utility model patents, appearance patents, received honors such as National Torch Projects from Science and Technology Department of China, Guangdong Province Key New Product from Guangdong Provincial Department of Technology and Science. GONSIN has the foothold in China and developed the international market actively. In more than 60 countries and regions, GONSIN has registered GONSIN trademark and sold products to more than 130 countries and regions. GONSIN products has been applied in 4th United Nations Conference of LDC, World Heritage Committee, G20 Summit, Organization of America States and other thousands of important conference projects.

There is a sentence that we regret not to met before, if you are interested in our products, please call directly, we are welcome to your visit.

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