Friday, February 5, 2021

GONSIN applied in National Supercomputer Center in Jinan

 As is well known, the National Supercomputing Center in Jinan has established with the approval of the Ministry of Science and Technology, that is a comprehensive research center engaged in intelligent computing and information processing technology research and computing services. What’s more, it is the birthplace of China's first " Sunway BlueLight MPP" supercomputer developed entirely with independent processor.

As an important national science and technology leading base, the supercomputer center is an important role of country's digital economy in the future, and an important support for informatization, networking, and digitization. For the equipment of business and conference, it requires the suitable and integrated solutions. As the industry's leading provider of overall solutions for AV conference system, GONSIN has accumulated deep technology over the years, and relying on its unique technology, its products have been widely used in dozens of fields. Therefore, GONSIN design team provided a set of professional conference system solutions for the Supercomputer Center with a dual-chain backup conference system as the main system.

The supercomputer center is at the top of the technology industry chain, and it is particularly important to ensure the level of innovation and information security. GONSIN dual-chain backup conference system has many patented technologies, which integrates high-performance and high compatibility technologies. Besides, it fully meets the basic needs of the center, such as having conference, camera tracking, and sound reinforcement. Most importantly, it ensures the high security of information, the stable operation of the system and the high quality of use experience, under the protection of three backup mechanisms.

Three mechanisms for backups, escorting important conferences
Conference terminal obtains dual chain backups, including separated microphone digital signal output and analog signal output; when the main chain fails, the standby chain is available.

Daisy-chain connection: apart from the main communication line, the end devices are in daisy chain connection; when the main communication line malfunctions, the daisy-chain connection will be automatically activated.

Hot stand-by function for the server: two servers with one working and the other standing by; when the main server doesn’t work, it will automatically switch to the stand-by server, securing the continuous work.

GONSIN original technologies:
LPMA-E (Low Power Multichannel Audio Ethernet)

AF-AM (Attenuation factor- Audio mixing)

As a subsystem of the 20000 full digital conference system, the dual chain backups system has advanced digital audio processing technology, based on a distributed, server cluster network architecture. And it adopts a decentralized design to avoid server congestion caused by massive conference data, greatly improving the processing efficiency of the server. Besides, it can split and merge different conferences by using the conference terminal as the node layout and combining with the audio partition function ,and can flexibly adjust the composition of the conference system in the center.

GONSIN dual chain backups conference system embodies the industry-leading intelligent conference system technology level, which is in line with future development trends. In addition, it can realize expand the paperless function by connecting to the remote video conference system. And it can also be linked with GONSIN electronic table cards to display multiple information,  like the working status of the microphone terminal.

Go with the strong

GONSIN has prided itself on its independent innovation strategy and product differentiation strategy ever since its inception, with independent intellectual property rights for its wide range of products. So far, GONSIN has owned 83 patented technologies .Two of its products has been approved to be projects of National Torch Program by the Ministry of Science and Technology of China.

The enterprise development principle of GONSIN is highly consistent with the National Supercomputer Center in Jinan, and its product also meets the high standard construction requirements of the Center. Besides, the practical function and the reliable technology provide the powerful conference equipment, guaranteeing for the center's goal of becoming a world-class professional research and service organization.
Going with the strong, GONSIN will advance with more power!

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