Saturday, March 19, 2016

NPC & CPCC,increasing credibility

At the age of improving democratic awareness, establish credibility is especially significant to the modern authority construction. The credibility of various levels of NPC & CPCC, as the national authority system, are hot spots for people’s attention. In some perspective, the credibility of NPC could reflect the credibility of constitution and even the country. For a long time, people’ congress and standing committees at all levels have been keen on improving their credibility. What they achieve is obvious.

From applause to vote, from voting with beans to the electronic voting unit, the evolution of voting methods of NPC & CPCC. In January 2002, the vice-chairman of the Standing Committee of National People Congress , Cheng Siwei said frankly on the New Year Forum of Guanghua School of Management of Peking University , “ Where there is electronic voting unit, there are more negative votes. An excellent voting environment is good for delegates to express their opinions better. 

Excellent voting environment, requires elaborate voting units. Since the first secret voting units was installed on the desk of the Great Hall of the People, the electronic voting units has been improved continuously, reshaped from the wired one to the wireless one, from the fixed installation on the table to the handheld one. Every change leads to better performance.  

A step of the technology, a leap of the democracy. The voting method of NPC, not only conveys the formats transformation of expressing opinions, but also illustrates the democratic progress, which reflects the democratic progress keep going. Adapting the electronic voting, namely is for the delegates to vote without any influence and make the voting results reflect the will of delegates more accurately.

The Standing Committee of People’s Congress of Fengtai City in Anwei Province, applied 40 seats GONSIN BJ-04-W desktop wireless voting units.

The Standing Committee of People’s Congress of Yishui City in Shandong Province, applied 48 seats GONSIN BJ-04-W desktop wireless voting units.

The Standing Committee of People’s Congress of Hengtai City in Shandong Province, applied 35 seats GONSIN BJ-04-W desktop wireless voting units.

With the Fourth Secession of the Twelfth National People’s Congress in January, People’s Congresses at all levels begin nationwide. For years, GONSIN voting systems have receive constant praise. In September 2004, GONSIN has embarked on the activity wireless digital conference voting system equipped in People’s Congresses, which rises the wave of wireless voting system nationwide. In the conference venues of People’s Congresses at all levels, GONSIN Voting System flourishes, which laid the solid foundation of the leading position of GONSIN in the industry. As the main provider of complete audio & Video conference system solution, GONSIN assists People’s Congress nationwide to be held smoothly.

As the ending of NPC & CPCC, GONSIN( Stock code: 834726) wish our country embrace glorious future.


  • Unique wireless on-site online environment detection and frequency selection, ensure the system avoid any interference; 
  • Two registration ways, button pressing or inserting card. 
  • Software customized voting or evolution ways 
  • OLED display screen, humanistic human-machine interaction 
  • Automatic alarm when the system is faulty 
  • Low power consumption, low emission power, comply with the global electrical design and communication design standard 
  • Lithium battery or AAA battery, real-time detection of battery level, dynamic display, low battery alarm 
  • Automatic memory of voting result when power cut off 
  • Isolated touch switch, anti-30000V electrostatic interference 
  • Anti-violation and it can normally operate after dropped from 2 meters high 
  • Software can turn off all voting units together

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