Tuesday, June 26, 2018

Key Indicators Make Energy-Saving City Forum More "Powerful"

In order to raise people’s high regard for Sustainable Energy,under the initiative of the European Union(EU), the Sustainable Energy Day was held in many countries and regions in the world.  

On June 4, the Energy Saving Energy Week was held in the Republic of Armenia.It was  organized by the Energy Conservation Fund and the Armenian Community Coalition. On June 6th, the second energy efficient city forum was started.The main topic of forum is including human rights, public finance management, education, children with disabilities, agriculture, economy and energy under EU-funded projects. 

At the opening ceremony,the head of the delegation of the EU in Armenia Hoa Binh Adjemian said this event is highly welcomed by local people. EU is also willing to support it. 

Emin Yeritsyan, chairman of the Armenian Community Coalition said“Absorbing the experience of other countries,it will help creating a good atmosphere in Armenia. This is a very important issue. The electricity and energy conservation should become the daily routine of the local government.” Energy conservation and environmental protection are the hottest topics in today's society. In order to improve our living environment, people are now paying more and more attention to saving energy. How to achieve energy conservation in product design is also the guiding direction of every designer. As a leader in wireless products in audiovisual filed, GONSIN has won honorary titles such as “Top Ten Innovative Products for Smart Building Quality Products” with its low-power energy-saving design and simple system configuration.

This Forum was equipped with GONSIN 10000 series triple band wireless conference system. This wireless conference system supports 2.4G/5.2G/5.8G three-band communication.It’s flexible and stable system in conference industry. The consumption of wireless materials and low energy consumption are in line with the theme of the conference.

The system can build a large-scale wireless conference system with capacity of 450 units. Multiple sets of systems can be used at the same time without disturbing each other. It comes with an offline 8-in-1 SD video tracking matrix and supports HD for extension. This system is with excellent audio performance, full and clear sound quality. It is especially suitable for high-end conference requirements such as high-end government affairs,business market and rental market.

Meanwhile, this series product support infrared mobile camera tracking,with infrared automatic tracking camera.The infrared signals emitted through the conference terminal, triggering automatic tracking and positioning of the camera.The terminal can move freely within the infrared detection range without resetting the preset position. The image of the camera tracking changes in real time with the position of the terminal.
GONSIN 10000 series triple-band wireless conference system is with mature and stable technology, rich and practical functions and unique design. The overall performance of the product is well-received by the users.

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