Thursday, September 5, 2019

Paperless Conference System—Microphone Lifting All-in-one Terminal

How’s the function working?
What’s the design details?
What kind of the occasions are suitable for?
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Wednesday, September 4, 2019

Projects in Colombia's Political and Legal Departments

In recent years, Colombia's national political and legal departments have devoted to improve the internal information construction, aiming at achieving effective communication through modern means, and providing a solid foundation for safeguarding and guaranteeing civil liberties and rights.

Police Central Intelligence Headquarters, Colombia

GONSIN provides the appropriate and the overall solutions for different applications of the Colombian political and legal departments. In addition to meet the basic needs , we will know well customer’s requirements and give the high-efficient meetings with overall solution——practical conference discussion system and professional HD camera tracking system , to realize the functions of the speech and automatic camera tracking, also support the local documents of video and audio connecting to the remote video conference.

National Courts In Colombia
Gonsin’s professional and integrated conference solution follows the trend of market development, with the characteristics of front-end integration, transmission with network, processing digitalization, system integration and management intellectualization. For fifteen years of professional audio study, we have not only won a good reputation in the industry, but also won the trust and recognition of Colombia's political and legal departments. Therefore, we always believe the quality to lighten the brand, the service to create the future”.

Tuesday, August 27, 2019

Guangxi Financial Vocational College Equipped with Gonsin Paperless Conference System

In recent years, Guangxi Financial Vocational College has actively developed its foreign exchange work with “One Belt and One Road” initiative, and has cooperated with a number of national universities, such as the United States, Belarus, Poland, Sri Lanka, Thailand and Brunei. Therefore, “One Belt and One Road” Cultural Exchange Center integrated modern construction thinking was set up in the college

Customer Requirement
According to the design of the conference room, require a scientific, applicable, environmentally friendly and efficient overall conference solution, equip with Conference Discussion System, Paperless Conference System, Video Tracking System, PA System and Integrated Management System.


The simple electronic data takes the place of paper documents by the whole system , reducing the work of papering paper documents,and enhancing the technicalization of campus management with the application of equipment. The conference microphone and paperless system work together to realize the functions of discussion, automatic video tracking, paperless multimedia, and to create an information exchange platform.

In the field of education, GONSIN is working with many universities or colleges to improve the educational mode and provide strong support for modern education.

Successful project sharing

Kunming Medical University,Yunnan

Chengdu Agricultural College

Wednesday, August 21, 2019

Desktop All-in-one Discussion and Interpretation Terminal——Multifunction Introduction PART 3

🎥▶️Multifunction Introduction PART 3
【Desktop All-in-one Discussion and Interpretation Terminal】
👍Support Chinese/English Versions
👍Optional speaking mode
👍Initiate quick voting
👍Adjustable volume (9 levels)

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Sunday, August 18, 2019

Desktop All-in-one Discussion and Interpretation Terminal——Multifunction Introduction PART 2

🎥▶️Multifunction Introduction PART 2
【Desktop All-in-one Discussion and Interpretation Terminal】
👍Call service
👍Write notes
👍Internal message sending
👍Files sharing
👍Synchronous Screen Sharing

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