Saturday, February 10, 2018

New Arrival, GONSIN Desktop Paperless All-in-one Terminal

At the 15th annivsary of GONSIN establishment, GONSIN presents Desktop Paperless All-in-one Terminal to you
System Overview
Large Platform, Great Integration 
GONSIN paperless conference system is based on GONSIN professional conference platform which integrates with paperless conference, 20000 series and conference management software and also support extension to Z4/voting system to realize the data sharing and interconnection to form a super-large paperless conference system. 

Various Terminal Product Forms 
GONSIN paperless conference system has covered various conference product forms including desktop all-in-one terminal, touch control LCD lifter and tablet terminal. Meanwhile, the paperless terminal can seamlessly connect to multiple conference discussion system to realize function expansion and meet diversified user’s demands. 

Hot Stand-by For Smooth Operation
The system has hot stand-by function, which support dual backup for conference server, conference management software. Seamless switch ensure smooth operation and data security. 

Various Connection Ways, Convenient Installation
GONSIN paperless conference system support various connection ways including daisy-chain, star connection and mixed connection. Flexible cable installation reduce workload massively, easy to build up a large-scale system.

Multiple Technical Methods, Ensure Info Security
GONSIN paperless conference system has developed on Android platform, it utilizes data encryption and anti-restoration technique to ensure information security. The software adopts closed-off management. It takes H264 algorithm to encrypt data with unified data storage in server. The network is MINA framework, which is stable and reliable to avoid information leak. 

GONSIN paperless conference system can reduce conference cost significantly and boost conference efficiency, improve conference quality, brings better conference experience, and meets the green and low carbon social development trend. 

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Friday, February 9, 2018

GONSIN Hot-sale Arrival In ISE 2018

In the 4-day Integrated Systems Europe, as one of the leading provider of conference systems, GONSIN has presented multiple new products and attracted attentions from worldwide visitors in its booth. 

There are system integrators, project contractors, design companys, professional consultants, sale agents, distributors and other relevant professionals.  GONSIN has showcased various brand-new product: Desktop Paperless All-in-one Terminal, 4300 Conference Discussion System, FS-FHSS Simultaneous Interpretation System, Educational Public Address System. 
The desktop paperless all-in-one terminal is a new product in the GONSIN paperless conference system catalogue. GONSIN paperless conference system has various product forms, besides the desktop all-in-one terminal, it also includes touch control LCD lifter terminal, paperless conference tablet terminal. Meanwhile, the paperless terminal can conduct seamless connection and cooperation with conference discussion system to expand its functions and system capacity, which meets diversified demands of different users and conference venues. In addition, paperless conference system can interconnect with Z4 series discussion or voting systems to realize the data interconnection and construct super-large systems. 

The educational public address system, as the new arrival of GONSIN intelligent education sector, has drawn significant attention from visitors. It utilizes hanging microphone with super-long pick-up distance and internal large diaphragm Hi-fi core. Because of 3-8 meters effective distance, one classroom just need to be installed from 1 to 4 hanging microphones to cover the whole area in according to its size. Teacher does not need to wear any devices, just turn on the system, and the workload of education is mitigated. 

4300 series is a kind of practical product GONSIN launched in 2018. It is developed on the base of stable Z4 platform. With its splendid outlook, exquisite craft and reliable quality, it has successfully been the eye-catcher in ISE 2018. 

GONSIN has gained it reputation with its excellent products, customer-oriented service system. In 2018, GONSIN will keep on improving its products and service with increasing bigger dreams and harder work. 

Thursday, February 1, 2018

New Product Debut, GONSIN's First Masterpiece of Intelligent Education

On 1st February 2018
GONSIN has launched its first prdocut in Education Industry
Educational Public Address System
With 15 years of professional audio experience accumulation, GONSIN has embarked on intelligent education sector with innovative minds
It is an upcoming trend that technology has shaped up education, GONSIN will contribute to building up the new engine to power the future education. 

Through its market survey, product development, technical accumulation, and big data tools, GONSIN will gradually improve its eduational product system and provide high-quality audio products for education market worldwide. 

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Thursday, January 25, 2018

Public Financial Management Cooperation Memo-Signed in Georia, Voiced by Gonsin Conference System

GIZ is an international cooperation that dedicates to provide sustainable development around the world. It provides prospective solutions in a wide varity of areas, including economic development, social development. 

The cooperation between GIZ and Georgia has been 25 years, and evolved from the emergency aid to area development cooperation. GIZ has adjust the consultation content in according to the Georgia’s development. Nowadays, GIZ has supported the goal of Georgia’s government to improve its budget, quality of education and legistration, public financial management. With the participation of relative departments, they has signed a new memo to strengthen the coorperation and achieve better results. 

Georgia’s first deputy speaker has addressed the importance of memo and express thanks to GIZ in the respresentive of Georgia’s people during the meeting. In this conference, GONSIN 4200 desktop digital conference discussion system and IR simultaneous interpretation system has ensures a smooth and successful communication without any inconvenience caused by equipments. 

Providing equipments in such important diplomatic activities, is a critical test for product quality and service ability. As a leading provider in conference equipments, Gonsin has provide complete audiovisual conference system solution for multiple international conferences, become ICCA meeting support member. 

New opportunity for GONSIN
It is another high-rank conference in Georgia after Freedom day celebration, IRU academy seminar that assignes GONSIN conference system as meeting equipments. GONSIN 4200 desktop digital conference discussion system has also applied in World Heritage Committee’s Session, National Assembly of Ecuador, Parliament of Congo and other significant conferences. GONSIN IR simultaneous interpretation system has served 37th Organization of America States, Gegoria Freedom Day Celebration, Sudan Friendship Hall and other high-end venues. 

New Power: Innovation Fuels Industry Development

GONSIN has attached a great importance to innovation ability, which not only gain recognization from industy insiders , but build up an internal innovation system to encourage its staff. Since its establishement, GONSIN has gained independent intellectual property rights for its wide range of products.

Facing far too many similar products in the market, GONSIN has chosen an different way.  The third generation of FS-FHSS launched into the market in 2017, and won numerous awards, such as Intelligent Building Industry Innovative Product, Intelligent Building Industry Best Quality Product. 

GONSIN is committed to keep on strengthening its innovative spirit, improving its product and service quality, 

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Saturday, January 6, 2018

Remarkable 2017

In 2017, these moments worth to be remembered

First China indigenous Aircraft Carrier
High-level Belt&Road Initative Forum

Fuxing Bullet Train

Xiongan New Area

The 19th National Congress of CPC

Successful Roctet Launch with Three Satellites

It is also an extraordinary year for GONSIN. Let’s review these exciting moments

World-First Innovation
On 22nd February 2017, GONSIN participated the 15th Prolight + Sound Guangzhou and launched FS-FHSS wireless simultaneous interpretation system. The new product release was comprised of online and offline part, and broadcased alive gloablly. It utilized GONSIN self-innovated FS-FHSS technology, which is suitable for outdoor large-scale conference venue. 

Power of Made-in-China
In 2017, GONSIN products were applied in the 5th CELAC Summit, the 47th Caribbean Development Bank Annual Meeting, Malaysia Mass Rally and other important high-end conferences, which gained clients recognition and approval, and dispalyed the quality of Made-in-China.

Innovation, Our Core Competitiveness
In April and June of 2017, GONSIN has received two patents for invention, one audio data tranmission methods and central control unit, terminal; one audio data mixing methods and device. These patens have been applied in DCS series products and significantly improve their performance and competiveness. 

On 27th Sept 2017, Gonsin Conference Equipment Co., Ltd and Shenzheng Qianhai Zhongli Consulting Firm have started their corporation project. According to their frame agreement, the corporation will focus on the optimizing GONSIN business models, strategy development project, industry resource integration, internal incentive and others.

Seize Opportunities, Actively Integrate into Belt&Road Economic Zone
In this year, Belt&Road Forum For International Cooperation has been held in Beijing. As a new multilateral cooperation platform, there are numerous opportunities for countries. With this background, there will be more chances for audiovisual companies. GONSIN will seize opportunities and build up its brand in Belt&Road economic zone. 

Receive Honor from Hardwork, Stay Ture to the Mission 
In 2017, GONSIN FS-FHSS wireless simultaneous interpretation system has received Canton Fair Design Silver Award among 1086 competitors. 
GONSIN Received Top Ten Broadcast Conference National Brand Award from Huicong Sound&Light Industry Brand Evaluation
GONSIN Recived 2017 Audio Industry Top Ten Conference System Award in 2017 Audiovisual Industry Summit. 

Build Up High-rank Conference System
As a leading provider in conference system, Gonsin has a wide product range including conference voting, discussion, simultaneous interpretation, attendance registration, central control, conference public address, paperless conference system and related software. In 2017, GONSIN has participated Prolight+Sound Guangzhou, InfoComm India, the 121st and 122nd Canton Fair. 

In the future, GONSIN will keep on improving its products and services, build up win-win cooperation with customers.

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