Thursday, November 7, 2019

Gonsin promotes the development of modern coal chemical industry

Zhongan United Coal Chemical Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "Zhongan united") located in Huainan City, Anhui Province, was established in December, 2010. It is a large-scale integrated coal and chemical company established according to the strategic cooperation agreement between Anhui provincial government and Sinopec Group, which is jointly established by Sinopec and Wanbei coal-electricity.

In order to improve the efficiency of conference communication, Zhongan United requires to improve the audio and video equipments from the single meeting room to the multiple conference rooms.

With rich experience in audio and video industry, Gonsin successfully won the project from many solutions. According to the requirements of customer, Gonsin has designed a complete solution with discussion system, voting system, paperless conference system, central control system and matrix system.

Gonsin’s 4300 series digital conference system applied to the multiple conference room and others conference rooms with discussion, voting and interpretation function. The design of the terminal TL-4300 was based on the simple lines of geometric elements, which made the product more exquisite. The built-in double loudspeakers solve the problem of sound reinforcement in small venues, providing different meeting experience for participants. What’s more, it can realize the simultaneous interpretation function with 6 channels.

Paperless conference system conforms to the Zhongan United’s tenet of "green, low carbon, clean and healthy", reducing the cost, increasing working efficiency, ensuring information security and improving the conference quality—bringing a new conference experience for participants. At the same time, the expansion interface is reserved, which can realize the expansion function by adding corresponding modules when upgrading.

GX-CLOUD710S central control server is based on cloud network communication technique, supporting cloud automatic system diagnosis, cloud backup and restore capability, remote control, remote commissioning during installation and remote appointment and remote debugging after installation. It applies multi-functional interface design, all serial ports and IO ports can be customized, which meet the demand of various engineering applications; Open and modular user programming interface allows user to control various devices and complicated programmatic interfaces with highly flexible programming language; the system can be expanded by wireless or wired method, a single system expansion is up to 65,535 bus devices.

GONSIN Modular Matrix supports signals conversion in various interface formats, including HDMI, DVI, VGA, VIDEO, YPbPr, SDI and optical fiber. Leading full-digital signal processing technology without distortion ensures the best image is sent to the display side. The flexible and changeable plug-in modular structure design perfectly solves the compatibility problem of too many signal sources and coexistence of digital and analog signals in video projects. Each signal card supports 4-way signal input or output, saving the investment costs and reducing the difficulty of construction. It is convenient to expand upgrade and maintenance.

Tuesday, October 29, 2019

Gonsin Escorted the 7th CISM Military World Games

After 10 days competition, the 7th CISM Military World Games came to an end. More than 9300 military athletes from 109 countries competed in Wuhan, with their best efforts.

A number of game records have been broken this time. And it is excited to see Chinese delegation won the most gold medals over 100 in the top place.

China as the host in this game, shows its image with responsibility, organizing 27 competitions with 250,000 volunteers.  

Gonsin, one of the participants, escorted the press conferences in this game with best service and excellent products.  

Gonsin’s PA system was applied to the venue.

Gonsin’s wireless microphones were applied to the venue.

The PA system offered the excellent sound environment with the characteristic of clear sound and high reproduction.   

UHF frequency transmission and antenna diversity reception are adopted for Gonsin’s wireless microphone. And the receiving distance reaches 80 meters, effectively covering the blind area. What’s more, the system is stable as for using PLL frequency synthesis technology, and the international top-level high-performance CPU intelligent processing, to achieve the best dynamic performance.

Gonsin’s full frequency speaker makes the sound more accurate and clear with rotatable horn installation structure. According to the venue requirements, it can be adjusted to horizontal or vertical angle, to achieve the quick response with high-power output. It is suitable for high-end business venues, conference rooms, multi-functional halls, banquet halls and auditoriums.

Gonsin’s digital audio processor has strong DSP processing ability with the fourth generation audio DSP chip. Its unique core DSP method, ultra-low bottom noise and low distortion design, provide high-quality sound for the press conference, meeting the application requirements of large, medium and small professional stadiums.

Gonsin makes efforts to escort every press conferences with its professional technologies and complete solutions, which is the another special way to support our athletes.

Monday, October 21, 2019

GONSIN pushed forward the information reform of Tianjin SASAC


Tianjin SASAC—State-owned Assets Supervision and Administration Commission of Tianjin ,took actions to accelerate the digital transformation of state-owned enterprises with cloud computing, big data, Internet of Things and other informatization ways.

Choose Gonsin

In order to promote the construction of information technology, SASAC—proposed digital construction requirements for several conference rooms in the office building, to improve work efficiency and they chose the modern and scientific equipments—Gonsin Paperless Conference System and Intelligent HD Touch Digital Buckle.

Customized Solutions

The whole system supports electronic documents instead of a large number of the paper ones , and can realize the functions of conference discussion, automatic video tracking and paperless multimedia with conference microphones, creating a modern information exchange platform with high quality.

Gonsin Paperless Conference System

In paperless lifting conference system, LCD touch screen and separate lifting microphone are flexible to use  and easy to storage, making the office desk tidy. The design for appearance, structural and mute shows the industry's leading level, and its excellent quality won the favor of customers.

Gonsin Intelligent HD Touch Digital Buckle System

This system uses Android operating system and four-core processor . The dual-screen can display participant’s information synchronously. And the inner screen supports 5-point capacitive touch to realize touch control function, which makes more convenient to use. Furthermore, it supports custom functions, such as freely editing background color, template, text size, text color, font, language, and so on.

Good Result

The design of the whole system meets the needs of different meetings of customers, creating the more efficient meeting environment.

Gonsin Celebrates 70th Anniversary to the Motherland

Happy National Day!

It’s time to welcome another important and exciting day!
It's China’s National Day -- the 70th anniversary of the founding of the People’s Republic of China!
From the bottom of heart, I say to you,
I love you, China!

【Project in Alibaba Group】Our Proud Achievement


【About Alibaba Group】
As we known, Alibaba Group is the top company in the world. Its’ businesses are comprised of core commerce, cloud computing, digital media and entertainment, and innovation initiatives. In addition, Ant Financial, an unconsolidated related party, provides payment and financial services to consumers and merchants on our platforms. A digital economy has developed around its platforms and businesses that consists of consumers, merchants, brands, retailers, third-party service providers, strategic alliance partners and other businesses.

【Alibaba’s Voice Recognition Technology】
In the 21st century, it is a new era of AI-Artificial Intelligence. The intelligent laboratory of Alibaba Research Institute has opened up a new generation of voice recognition model—DFSMN, which has improved the global voice recognition accuracy rate to 96.04%. At the Yunqi Conference, this model showed an excellent performance.

【Gonsin’s Full Digital Audio Technology】
As the leading provider of conference equipment, Gonsin has been focusing on the audio and video conference industry for 16 years. The VIP Conference room “Guangmingding” in Alibaba was equipped with Gonsin’s 20000S series Conference System, which has a number of patented technologies and has won many honors such as Intelligent Architecture Innovation Product and Canton Fair Innovation Design.

Successful Cooperation
Alibaba’s Voice Recognition Technology integrated with Gonsin’s Full Digital Audio Technology, successufully realizing cross-system management and data interconnection, which is a solid step for the development of digital construction.