Friday, December 1, 2017

Guizhou, Thanks For Your Trust and Support

It is during the past five year of Twelfth Five-Year Plan that Guizhou provice has reached most acchievements with dramatic urban and rual appearance change and increasing comprehensive capacities. More importantly, Guizhou people has been benefited mostly. Facing the complicated and changeable new situation, Anshun Pingba District Committee has seized the new opportunity and established a set of communication system in order to improve its working efficiency. 

A set of stable and efficient conference system is vital for conferences of standing committee of loacal national congress. With this consideration, the standing committee has selected GONSIN TL-VB4200 series digital conference system. The system comes with conference discussion, auto video tracking and voting function, which tranform the traditional conference hall into a modern one. 

According to the users’  demands,  there are 45 TL-VB4200 discussion and voting unit installed in the conference hall. With verstile functions such as attendance registration(press-key/insert-card), conference discussion, voting and auto video tracking function, the system enable conference management integration, intelligent information management. Stable system performance, excellent product quality, brings better experience to participants. 

The standard capacity of single central control unit is 60-70 units; with cascading CCUs, the max capacity is up to 4096 units, which meets the various conference demands.  

The outstanding perfromance of GONSIN conference system is famous in Guizhou province and gained trust and supports from multiple users. Consequently, there are many project cases in Guizhou province. For a long time, GONSIN has insisted in bringing the best conference system solution for every customer. 

Anshun City People’s Congress

Political Center of Yuping, Tongren City, Guizhou

Party School of Liupanshui, Guizhou

Guizhou Beidou Bay Kaiyuan Hotel

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